Great news for everyone who tried to run to the furthest part of the country to get away from Eagles supporters, you'll get to watch the Dockers play in Launceston this weekend. Although, based on last week that might just be salt in the wound. Either way, they know how to apply salt evenly to chips in that part of the world so it won't be a total bust. Word must be out about the salt coverage because the Fremantle players were pretty keen to get on a plane and get out of the stat...err over to Tasmania as quickly as possible. Rumour has it the pilot introduced himself as the getaway driver. With such a poor performance as Fremantle had in the Derby you'd expect some sweeping changes to the side but once again you'd be wrong. Aaron Sandilands is being rest because his one game for the year has taken it's toll, Griffin Logue has faced a similar burden and needs a rest. Mitch Crowden is also out but it turns out he just snuck his name into the team list last week anyway and was never supposed to be out there. Sean Darcy, Ryan Nyhuis and Stephen Hill all upset the coach so they have to play this week.

FB: Tim O'Brien James Frawley Shaun Burgoyne
FF: Brandon Matera Rory Lobb Cam McCarthy
HB: Ben Stratton James Sicily Blake Hardwick
HF: Travis Colyer Michael Walters Darcy Tucker
C: Ricky Henderson Daniel Howe Liam Shiels
C: Ed Langdonn Nat Fyfe Bradley Hill
HF: Luke Breust Chad Wingard Paul Puopolo
HB: Reece Conca Ethan Hughes Connor Blakely
FF: Conor Nash Mitchell Lewis Jarman Impey
FB: Luke Ryan Joel Hamling Nathan Wilson
MID: Ben McEvoy Jaeger O'Meara Isaac Smith
MID: Sean Darcy Adam Cerra David Mundy
BENCH: Grant Birchall Tom Scully
James Worpel Oliver Hanrahan
BENCH: Ryan Nyhuis Sam Switkowski
Stephen Hill Andrew Brayshaw
13th July
York Park
Hawthorn $1.48
Fremantle $2.65