Well, this is it, end of the season for Fremantle but it's been a long time since football has been still worth following in September. The Dockers are back at home this week, which is actually the furthest possible place from home but it's where most of their stuff is so that'll do. Fremantle have never lost a game at Cazaly's Stadium while the Bulldogs have presumably never won there and Mike Brady is yet to be spotted, so all in all it's been a run of wins for Freo. Unfortunately one thing has gone wrong, Michael Walter has had to end the year early after stepping on a cane toad or something and injuring his foot. And since the game is being played back above the Tropic of Capricorn, they've had to leave out Tobe Watson for UV reasons. Liam Henry and Reece Conca will come in to replace them.

FB: Reece Conca Brennan Cox Nathan Wilson
FF: Lachie Hunter Aaron Naughton Tom Liberatore
HB: Stephen Hill Luke Ryan Taylin Duman
HF: Mitch Wallis Josh Bruce Ed Richards
C: Adam Cerra Nat Fyfe James Aish
C: Jason Johannisenn Jack Macrae Bailey Smith
HF: David Mundy Matt Taberner Mitch Crowden
HB: Hayden Crozier Ryan Gardner Bailey Williams
FF: Lachie Schultz Rory Lobb Jesse Hogan
FB: Caleb Daniel Alex Keath Easton Wood
MID: Sean Darcy Caleb Serong Andrew Brayshaw
MID: Tim English Marcus Bontempelli Josh Dunkley
BENCH: Michael Frederick Blake Acres
Ethan Hughes Liam Henry
BENCH: Zaine Cordy Taylor Duryea
Patrick Lipinski Roarke Smith
20th September
Cazalys Stadium
Fremantle $2.75
Bulldogs $1.46