There's an unusual amount of interest in Fremantle at the moment, considering we're into the second half of August and all that added attention has gone straight to the Freo coaches head, going so mad with power that he cut two blokes, midweek, who weren't even in the team. He just does it for entertainment at this point, his only regret is that when you cut someone you have to replace them with someone else, so after "resting" Brett Bewley this week, Liam Henry has been given the call up in what is the most anticipated debut for a Fremantle player since a few weeks ago with Micky F. That went well, and as long as David Mundy doesn't declare it his retirement game, Henry is expected to have an equally exciting debut.

FB: Brennan Cox Reece Conca Nathan Wilson
FF: Sam Wicks Sam Reid James Bell
HB: Stephen Hill Luke Ryan Taylin Duman
HF: Luke Parker Tom McCartin Oliver Florent
C: Adam Cerra Nat Fyfe James Aish
C: Jordan Dawsonn Josh P. Kennedy Harry Cunningham
HF: Andrew Brayshaw Matt Taberner Michael Frederick
HB: Jackson Thurlow Callum Mills Jake Lloyd
FF: Lachie Schultz Rory Lobb Mitch Crowden
FB: Robbie Fox Lewis Melican Colin O'Riordan
MID: Sean Darcy David Mundy Michael Walters
MID: Callum Sinclair James Rowbottom Tom Papley
BENCH: Liam Henry Caleb Serong
Connor Blakely Ethan Hughes
BENCH: Dylan Stephens Nick Blakey
Will Hayward Zac Foot
22nd Aug
Optus Stadium
Fremantle $1.58
Sydney $2.40