Imagine being stuck inside all day and all night, with short trips outside hiding behind a mask in fear of your life at every turn. What a horrible way to have live.'s going to be a bit wet at the footy tonight but who'd want to be stuck indoors. Anyway, that sort of thing doesn't worry Fremantle supporters who have long known that the best time to go out in Perth is in the rain, because the Eagles supporters are all inside. We also know that the only time to see Stephen Hill play nowadays is in the 20 minutes before his leg pings because of the heavy track. James Aish is also returning from a concussion setback. Brandon Matera is out with a groin injury and Tobe Watson has been given a rest.

FB: Brennan Cox Reece Conca Nathan Wilson
FF: Liam Shiels Tim O'Brien Will Day
HB: Stephen Hill Luke Ryan James Aish
HF: Chad Wingard Luke Breust Jack Gunston
C: Brett Bewley Nat Fyfe Taylin Duman
C: Isaac Smithn Jaeger O'Meara Jack Scrimshaw
HF: Travis Colyer Matt Taberner Michael Frederick
HB: Ben Stratton Sam Frost Jarman Impey
FF: Lachie Schultz Rory Lobb Mitch Crowden
FB: James Sicily James Frawley Blake Hardwick
MID: Sean Darcy David Mundy Andrew Brayshaw
MID: Ben McEvoy James Worpel Tom Mitchell
BENCH: Adam Cerra Caleb Serong
Connor Blakely Ethan Hughes
BENCH: Jonathon Ceglar Tom Scully
Harry Morrison Conor Nash
10th Aug
Optus Stadium
Fremantle $2.05
Hawthorn $1.80