You know you're having a bad run with injuries when you need a bloke and his donkey going round to bring the players off the ground. Freo have been decimated with injuries and suspension this week, losing another 4 players but despite the cupboard being pretty bare, they still took the time to drop Connor Blakely, bringing the outs to 5, 6 if you count Toby Watson but no one ever counts Toby Watson. So Brennan Cox,, Connor Blakely, Griffin Logue, Nat Fyfe and Nathan Wilson are all out. There's good news those, Alex Pearce is back, Brandon Walker and Joel Western will debut, with Brett Bewley and Reece Conca jumping in as well.

FB: Reece Conca Alex Pearce Taylin Duman
FF: Alex Sexton Ben King Izak Rankine
HB: James Aish Luke Ryan James Aish
HF: Nick Holman Chris Burgess David Swallow
C: Blake Acres David Mundy Andrew Brayshaw
C: Hugh Greenwoodn Matt Rowell Brandon Ellis
HF: Travis Colyer Rory Lobb Mitch Crowden
HB: Jack Bowes Charlie Ballard Jack Lukosius
FF: Lachie Schultz Josh Treacy Liam Henry
FB: Sean Lemmens Sam Collins Wil Powell
MID: Sean Darcy Adam Cerra Michael Walters
MID: Zac Smith Lachie Weller Touk Miller
BENCH: Brett Bewley Caleb Serong
Joel Western Brandon Walker
BENCH: Noah Anderson Sam Flanders
Oleg Markov Malcolm Rosas
Gold Coast
12th June
Optus Stadium
Fremantle $1.98
Gold Coast $1.86