Remember Griffin Logue and Rory Lobb...probably not back they're back! Fremantle wasted no time bringing Lobb back into the team, providing much needed support to Lloyd Meek, who was then dropped so doesn't need support at least not that kind. Griffin Logue was not rushed back into the side, he made his way leisurely to the selection table and they decided it was about time he played league footy again. Joining Logue and Lobb is Lachie Shultz who was out last week with a sore head. Joining Meek on the sidelines will be Sam Sturt, Stefan Giro and Tobe Watson who were all dropped.

FB: Andrew McPherson Jordon Butts Luke Brown
FF: Michael Walters Matt Taberner Lachie Schultz
HB: Tom Doedee Brodie Smith Tom Doedee
HF: Michael Frederick Rory Lobb Travis Colyer
C: Lachlan Sholl Ben Keays Paul Seedsman
C: James Aishn Adam Cerra Blake Acres
HF: James Rowe Billy Frampton Ned McHenry
HB: Nathan Wilson Luke Ryan Reece Conca
FF: Shane McAdam Taylor Walker Lachlan Murphy
FB: Griffin Logue Brennan Cox Ethan Hughes
MID: Reilly O'Brien Rory Laird Darcy Fogarty
MID: Sean Darcy Nat Fyfe David Mundy
BENCH: Tom Lynch Harry Schoenberg
Sam Berry Jake Kelly
BENCH: Josh Treacy Andrew Brayshaw
Caleb Serong Heath Chapman
16th April
Adelaide Oval
Adelaide $1.77
Fremantle $2.10