There's a bit of history in the making this week with the West Coast Eagles playing their last home game against Fremantle ever. Sure, the fixtures call it a Fremantle home game but we all know it's their home ground. There's a stench when you walk in the gates, and it's not just down to them frying up unwanted bits of animals in heritage listed oil. They train there everyday. They've corrupted the very concrete the place is build from. For decades the grassed sustained itself on Eagle players vomit and urine. There are still patches of suspiciously lush grass around the ground that require daily mowing to keep under control. This week brings an end to 25 years of unfair advantage - from now on they'll have to play Derbies with just their own talent and hard work and the outrageous favouritism of the umpires. Of course, the bloke who's hated the Eagles longer than anyone else in the team is David Mundy wasn't able to play last week and he was more than keen to make sure he could give the bastards one last send off to their clubrooms, so he told Sheridan to have a week off and will resume his duties in the middle. Lee Spurr, Joshua Deluca, Sam Collins are also on the waiting list for a spot, with Hamling struggling to be fit. So they go on the long bench. The Eagles have made several changes but acknowledging them is being part of the problem.

FB: Luke Ryan Joel Hamling Lee Spurr
FF: Mark Hutchings Josh J. Kennedy Mark LeCras
HB: Ethan Hughes Michael Johnson Connor Blakely
HF: Jamie Cripps Jack Darling Liam Duggan
C: Stephen Hill Lachie Neale Bradley Hill
C: Lewis Jettan Sam Mitchell Andrew Gaff
HF: Lachie Weller Hayden Ballantyne Nick Suban
HB: Shannon Hurn Jeremy McGovern Elliot Yeo
FF: Michael Walters Brennan Cox Darcy Tucker
FB: Tom Barrass Will Schofield Brad Sheppard
MID: Sean Darcy Nat Fyfe David Mundy
MID: Scott Lycett Matt Priddis Luke Shuey
BENCH: Shane Kersten Joshua Deluca
Sam Collins Ryan Nyhuis
Brady Grey Griffin Logue Hayden Crozier
BENCH: Dom Sheed Chris Masten
Jack Redden Nathan Vardy
Drew Petrie Thomas Cole Jackson Nelson
West Coast
16th July
Subiaco Oval
Fremantle $2.70
West Coast $1.47