It's just about time to put a pin or, more appropriately, a bullet in this season but the AFL still require a few more weeks before they're satisfied Fremantle have fulfilled their contractual obligation to attend every single match on the fixture. This week will be Fremantle's best chance to get another win and equal the low, low standard set in 2017, with a game against the Carlton Blues. The selectors have had to show up to work this week with three changes forced on them. Andrew Brayshaw is out with a smashed in face after an Eagles player with an over inflated sense of entitlement had a bad dad and lashed out, Darcy Tucker Fainted at the sight of all the blood and hasn't come too yet, and Stephen Hill's hamstrings can't stand to watch the state of the team at the moment and went out on strike. Taylin Duman, Tommy Sheridan, Stefan Giro, Scott Jones, Shane Kersten, Ryan Nyhuis and Sam Switkowski all come into the squad which will be cut back to 22 for Sunday.

FB: Taylin Duman Michael Johnson Alex Pearce
FF: Charlie Curnow Ed Curnow Darcy Lang
HB: Luke Ryan Nathan Wilson Brady Grey
HF: Patrick Cripps Lochie O'Brien Ciaran Byrne
C: Bradley Hill Ed Langdon Adam Cerra
C: Caleb Marchbankn Sam Petrevski-Seton Kade Simpson
HF: Tommy Sheridan Brennan Cox Cam McCarthy
HB: Sam Rowe Dale Thomas Sam Switkowski
FF: Hayden Ballantyne Matt Taberner Michael Walters
FB: Ryan Nyhuis Brandon Matera Shane Kersten
MID: Sean Darcy Lachie Neale David Mundy
MID: Matthew Wright Jed Lamb Jarrod Pickett
BENCH: Bailey Banfield Mitchell Crowden
Stefan Giro Scott Jones
BENCH: Paddy Dow Harry McKay
Marc Murphy Cameron Polson
Optus Stadium
Fremantle $1.25
Carlton $3.90