Sitting pretty at the top of the ladder, Fremantle have resisted the urge to tinker with a runaway success formula, refusing to drop anyone for this week's trip to Adelaide...not even bloody, can't do that one any more...bloody..umm...Nat Fyfe for his lack of defensive run (or something). But, being a Sunday game the AFL have forced Fremantle into picking some extra blokes so Brennan Cox, Sean Darcy, Taylin Duman and Brett Bewley who, it turns out, is someone in the squad and not one of the names Brad Hill uses at nightclubs. Adelaide have followed Fremantle's lead and piled some blokes onto the end of the bench, with Josh Jenkins, Bryce Gibbs, Chayce Jones and Darcy Fogarty going into the squad.

FB: Alex Keath Daniel Talia Kyle Hartigan
FF: Brandon Matera Matt Taberner Jesse Hogan
HB: Brodie Smith Rory Laird David Mackay
HF: Travis Colyer Andrew Brayshaw Michael Walters
C: Riley Knight Matt Crouch Rory Atkins
C: Bradley Hilln Nat Fyfe Ed Langdon
HF: Hugh Greenwood Tom Lynch Lachlan Murphy
HB: Ethan Hughes Nathan Wilson Reece Conca
FF: Elliott Himmelberg Taylor Walker Eddie Betts
FB: Luke Ryan Alex Pearce Joel Hamling
MID: Reilly O'Brien Rory Sloane Brad Crouch
MID: Rory Lobb Darcy Tucker David Mundy
BENCH: Josh Jenkins Bryce Gibbs
Jordan Gallucci Jake Kelly
Myles Poholke Chayce Jones Cameron Ellis-Yolmen
Darcy Fogarty
BENCH: Ryan Nyhuis Sam Switkowski
Adam Cerra Cam McCarthy
Brett Bewley Brennan Cox Sean Darcy
Taylin Duman
5th May
Adelaide Oval
Adelaide $1.34
Fremantle $3.30