After a close call last week that nearly saw Nat Fyfe rubbed out at the tribunal, everyone at the club agreed that the safest thing to do would be to send him back to Lake Grace, wrapped in cotton wool and then stuck in a cryogenic chamber until the finals start. Many of the other players weren’t so lucky and will have to continue trudging towards September, fronting up this week for the game against Melbourne - who it turns out are still bothering to field a team in the league. Matthew Pavlich took his holidays last week so he’s been forced back into the side, lest no one show up to watch the game. He’ll be joined by a host of hopefuls Ed Langdon, Paul Duffield, Clancee Pearce and Matt Taberner who are all on the extended interchange and would be keen to sneak themselves a spot in the premiership team. Hayden Crozier has been dropped, presumably to qualify him for Peel’s finals campaign. Melbourne have added...ah, who cares.

FB: Lee Spurr Luke McPharlin Tendai Mzungu
FF: Oscar McDonald Jake Spencer Jeff Garlett
HB: Cameron Sutcliffe Michael Johnson Garrick Ibbotson
HF: Alex Neal-Bullen Jesse Hogan Viv Michie
C: Michael Barlow Stephen Hill Nick Suban
C: Daniel Crossn Bernie Vince Matt Jones
HF: Danyle Pearce Matthew Pavlich Chris Mayne
HB: Christian Salem Tom McDonald Neville Jetta
FF: Jonathon Griffin Alex Pearce Michael Walters
FB: Jeremy Howe Lynden Dunn Colin Garland
MID: Aaron Sandilands David Mundy Lachie Neale
MID: Max Gawn Nathan Jones Jack Viney
BENCH: Tommy Sheridan Zac Dawson
Matt de Boer Ed Langdon
Paul Duffield Clancee Pearce Matt Taberner
BENCH: Jack Watts Billy Stretch
Ben Newton Aidan Riley
Jack Grimes James Harmes Rohan Bail
27th August
Subiaco Oval
Fremantle $1.08
Melbourne $7.50