In a great display of the equality of football, Fremantle's opening game of the AFLW and the 2017 season got off to exactly the same start as every other non-Victorian joining a new football league - a long plane flight causing the loss of the ability to kick a football - then a long plane flight back. With tradition out of the way, the Freo women are expected to ramp up their domination of the league this week, with a highly anticipated drubbing of Brisbane. The weather at Fremantle Oval is expected to be much like the South Fremantle members, atrocious, which is bad news for any of the Brisbane players who might be looking forward to a hot shower after the game. Ebony Antonio is out this week after the tribunal enacted the Freo Rule on her and have her a week suspension for something only they could see. Olympic javelinist, Kim Mickle, comes into the squad along with journeywoman Kelly Clinch

FB: B.Smith T.Bresland L.Filocamo
FF: T.Harris S.Law K.McCarthy
HB: K.Mickle K.Clinch S.Cain
HF: K.Ashmore S.Frederick-Traub B.Koenen
C: - T.Angel -
C: M.Hunt
HF: C.Davidson H.Miller T.Haynes
HB: K.Lutkins T.Randall L.Kaslar
FF: S.Barr A.Makur Chuot K.Donnellan
FB: S.Campbell S.Virgo T.Golisano
MID: G.Houghton K.Bentley G.O'Sullivan
MID: J.Wuetschner S.Webb E.Bates
BENCH: B.Green D.Okely
M.Caulfield A.Sharp
D.Hooker A.Lavell B.Devlyn
BENCH: E.Zielke N.Wallace
J.Stanton N.Hildebrand
S.Goodman B.Gibson A.Anderson
12th February
Fremantle Oval
Fremantle $1.32
Brisbane $3.35