So, about a year ago I asked you, dear Dockerlander, how the eighteen teams in the AFL would achieve in the 2013 HomeNaway season.

You decided that the top four would consist of Collingwood, Fremantle, Hawthorn and Sydney. Making up the eight teams in the 2013 AFL Finals would be Adelaide, Carlton, Geelong and the West Coast eGurls.

Brisbane, Essendon, North Melbourne, Port Adelaide and Richmond would just miss out on the final rounds whereas Gold Coast, Greater Western Sydney, Melbourne, St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs would be propping up the ladder.

So, you didn’t pick Port’s rise or Adelaide’s and the eGurls’ plummet but, as a consensus, you weren’t too bad at all in picking the success and failure of the AFL teams throughout the 2013 HomeNaway.

A consensus, of course, hides the truly clever and puts the dim-witted into the shadows. Let us bring those out for applause and fun-poking.

Well done Peaking1, DD, PurpleKit and Pollyanna. Your well-informed opinions of all the AFL clubs put you in good stead to identify those climbing and those falling down the AFL ladder. Indeed, you know football. I would ask that you take under your wings PurpleJ, North, Nelson, Pointless, Mike, CaptDazza, Freo66 and RookieMagic. They are in desperate need of some footy smarts. Their predictions for the 2013 HomeNaway were much less accurate than those predicted by my pet bee, Eric. Yes, Eric the half-bee.