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It's been a while since I ran the fingers across the alphanumerics in anger. You know football can bring out the emotions. The taunts Lance (Buddy) Franklin received on Saturday have done just that. Third-hand, we have heard of the incessant outbursts from the a member of the outer. But whereas the taunting was abhorrent and unforgivable, I have been thrilled with the responses from the media, social networks and friends. All have been stunned that the racist taunting was allowed to continue unchallenged. All have said that it would not be condoned in their section of the crowd.

How has the AFL handled this? Not bad at all really. Generally, my opinion of Eyebrows and his lapdog Anderson is low, but they haven't stuffed this up. Not like they've stuffed up the head-high tackle rule.

The AFL has a duty of care to consider for their staff. They have to ensure that they have a safe work environment so that the chances of being injured at work are slim. Indeed, anyone breaching workplace safety regulations are counselled and re-offenders are sanctioned. As the AFL sets the rules under which the players take the field and battle each week for the four points, they also have a duty of care to the players. And rightly so.

The AFL has nearly abolished the fisticuffs, brawls and elbows to the head. They have also instigated a rule where a concussed player is not allowed to rejoin the game. The AFL also severely punishes those who tackle or bump another player above the shoulders. All good. No-one wants to see a player suffer a head or neck injury just by contesting the football. But, to me, there is a huge hole in their duty of care. The AFL is doing absolutely nothing about a player who ducks into a tackle.

Let's think about this in an everyday working environment. Imagine someone standing on an office chair to reach a high shelf and pull down a box. Can you imagine your employer seeing this, regularly, and doing nothing about it? As the person balances precariously on the swivel seat, do you think that the employer would be thinking, "It's okay. He's reaching for the box."? Of course not.

Why then, is a footballer allowed to duck into a tackle and risk a head or neck injury? Why do players do this? Answer - because there is a good chance of a reward. A good chance that they will receive a strike to the head. A good chance that they'll receive a free-kick from the AFL officials.

The AFL is rewarding unsafe practices.

On Sunday, I watched a North Melbourne player pick up a football off the ground and charge head first into a Fremantle player's knee and be awarded a free-kick. Many have said that the player should not have received the free-kick as he "ducked into it". That's not good enough. The AFL needs to outlaw this practice of drawing the head-high tackle and punish the proponents at the Tribunal.

Just as those around the buffoon in Tasmania condoned his racist taunting through inaction, the AFL is doing the same with players who seek a free-kick by putting themselves in danger.