So I'm waiting to board a flight for Dublin.  I'm hoping that I have the cable situation sorted, as a fallback I'm shelled for a 7 day pass that should allow me to stream the game...provided of course that the hotel internet connection will support it.

Still, there shouldn't be too many other users at that time of the morning.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, I was able to download the Sydney game in a half-dozen parts and watch it on the way back from Iceland.  That second quarter.  

Cripes (I've toned down the expletive).

I've never seen a football team so completely...what's the word for it...asphyxiated, as Sydney were in that second quarter.  I have to admit, the first quarter had made me nervous that we had blown our chance to shut the Swans out of the game early.  I need not have worried - that second quarter was the Ross Lyon Plan distilled into it's most purified form.

Coaches will be showing that quarter to teams for generations to come, as an example of how to completely dominate an opponent, grind them into dust and hear the lamentations of their women.

The second half was almost as entertaining, as Sydney tried and failed to make a contest.  Even knowing the result beforehand, I still misted up at the end as I watched the players and fans celebrate.  The guard of honour for Jude Bolton was a nice touch, and shows that we are still a class above when it comes to respecting the traditions of the game.

Next week is going to be tough, I so much want to be at the MCG, or at least at a pub in Freo.  I want to be surrounded by the faithful, exalting in the game and (hopefully) the joy of finally bringing home the bacon.  Instead I'm going to be watching from half a world away, likely on my own (unless I can find a pub in Clifden willing to open early).

Still, it's going to be marvellous.  Purple Reign indeed.