With the dust settling from the season, the rear view has become a little clearer. Our main themes to carry away from the 6-16 season is the initiation of youngsters, road headaches and the interesting situation of Chris Tarrant.

So, with five players re-signed, and several others moved on, the offseason is taking shape. Its now time to get that to do list out and ready to mark items off as we go.

1. Hasleby; ok so we now know a one year deal is on the cards regardless of  what everyone wants or thinks. If its only a case of $10,000 its surely close to being done and dusted, how about some free advertising for seaview, lets hope this is over quickly

2. Chris Tarrant; the club has stood firm on a trade but wouldnt it be nice just to see what could be on the menu? More than likely he is to see out the final year in freo but it would be mighty interesting to see what could be on offer

3. Peake and Drum; Three clubs are interested in Peake and a host for the drumline. Somehow if Surjan or Dalziel is involved in any of this it would be a positive for Freo, but the club cant overestimate either players value in a trade deal

4.  Schedule; Harvey and the club need to aggresively seek a better scheduling arrangment next year. No 5 day turn arounds when travelling to Geelong etc. Its unacceptable that the AFL doesnt cater a better travel schedule to the two WA teams and the club must push hard for a better solution

5.  Draft; This could go many ways, but a clear idea on what exactly the club wants is what needs to be done. The options at power forward are intriguing. Matt Panos could be the pick of the bunch but who knows who could fall to where. 

Hopefully the tick columns fill up quickly on this list. No rest for Freo this offseason.  The signing of Woodside was a great deal, now hopefully some others will follow on the field.

~Tyson Beattie