Our faith has been vindicated - we are finally in melbourne on the last weekend in September.  It feels surreal having booked our tickets months ago in a wild leap of faith - what a long time coming!!! 18 patient years of supporting our team thru the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly games that have got us to where we are today.

We've almost lost 2 sons as members along the way - one having to get up at 5.30am to watch the games from Berlin and the other although still purple hearted wears the colours of the Sydney Swans with his work collegues.

The flight over on Virgin had us all singing along to the Dockers Heave Ho theme song as we prepared to take off the music playing over the speaker system.  Joining the purple army with our scarves, jackets and hats was quite the experience!  Currently plans are being made by 100's if not 1000's are underway to march from Federation Square to the game on Saturday to announce our arrival.  Andrew D may not be happy but WE ARE!!!!!
Day 1 in Melbourne has been a pleasant surprize.  Having been warned in Tiesdays West Australian  that Dockers won't feel welcome in Melbourne and warned the Herald Sun in 2006 didn't mention the Eagles....we have found The Herald Sun had one major article on Crowley, one onMission to stop Pav, one on Tough Road to Glory about Pav's life's journey,  one on Chris Mayne forward half pressure act (a one man wrecking ball!!) and his sideshow Bob hairstyle   and a further article Dockers under spotlight but not awestruck!  Not bad for a Brownlow medal edition in Melbourne!