This journey started long ago . In 1986 I along with all Western Australians had a choice to make; stay with my beloved Souths in the WAFL and stick with Richmond in the VFL or throw my to in with a new WA based club. Some succumbed to their sliver tongued soft whispers in their ear and the promises of success, even though they were a hollow corporate heartless artificial creation designed by men in suits and Blue ties. I hated their corporate beginnings and decided to stay where I was.


1992 they won a flag I barracked for Geelong, in 1994 they won a flag I barracked for Geelong….. again.


That same year Fremantle was born and I dreamed one day it would be us at the MCG. My wife and I joined up and for 19 years have ridden the highs and lows. Exulting in our victories and shedding the bitter tears of defeat.


In 1995 we travelled over for the GF and attended the inaugural Dockers GF breakfast and whilst watching Carlton destroy Geelong dreamed that one day Freo would be there.


In 2005 I was in Sydney during the GF and watched them beat the other team and I rejoiced at a pub in the Rocks. In 2006 I covered my house in red and white but alas this time the result was reversed and I wondered how we would have fared had we beaten Sydney in the prelim.


The years go by and last Saturday the dream came into reality. We beat Sydney and are now one game away from our first premiership. Next year is our 20th year and what better way to celebrate but as the reigning Premiers.


We paid the $30 for priority one hoping we would get there after being so good last year and knowing we would improve. We did, and after the win I booked our flights that night. Due to child sitting needs we decided on a “hit and run” so fly in Saturday morning and out late Saturday night. Would have loved to see the parade on Friday but cest l’vie. Checked our tickets and got good cat 2 tickets. So off we go to the Big Dance.


Its been a long and winding road but for those of us who have not wavered in our support this will be incredibly rewarding. Should we win euphoria! Should we lose , knowing our team did its beast and still has room to get better. I know I will be shedding tears as pav holds up the cup, he has been tremendous for our club and if there is karma he will get his reward on Saturday for sticking with us through the hard times and being part of the building of the club to what it is today.


If any of you see a big bloke in a long black coat with a dockers scarf and shedding a tear that will be me. Say Gday and we can share in the celebration.



GO Freo!!!!