So it's the Qualifying Final against Geelong, I have a ticket to the game, family over in melbourne with me, and mum and I are going to get train tickets down to Simonds Stadium.

The game starts in about 3 hours. Work starts in 45 minutes.

3 days before the game I was sitting in a rehearsal room for an upcoming Arts event in Melbourne called Underground Cinema - Hollywood.

UGC do a number of events each year where they screen a film in a pop-up cinema proceeded by an interactive theatre world of actors, sets, costumes and alcohol. The audience has the opportunity to become part of the world of the movie - before they know what the movie is. In fact the location of the event is only released a few days before the event.

I've been working with their acting troupe for a few years now and the popularity of these events is such that tickets sell out in a matter of minutes.

For this event they are putting on a Saturday matinee, an event I have only realised I was committed to until 3 days in advance.

So now I have a ticket to a sold out match in Geelong that I can't get to.

I am livid.

Guests come in groups to my station and I great them with a monologue in character (my character having been based on a Danny Devito role in the film) and as each group leaves I check my phone to see the scores.

At the start of the fourth quarter I'm pulled in to the main space and the phone goes away as I mingle with the crowd and lay on the charm. In the hazy world of an actor I am completely in character and focused solely on entertaining the crowd.

When I finally get out of the public eye I see the score. Then I call mum. Then I call dad. Then I start trying to sort out flights to perth to watch the Sydney game, and I can't figure out why flying back to perth after the Preliminary Finals is so expensive...