We are being told that Ross Lyon is the man we need for the job.
At Freo, that job includes the development of a lot of young men, so how has he gone at that, at St Kilda, after 5 years?
The last team he fielded had an average age of 26.3 years, contained no teenagers, and included only 4 players under 25. That means that only 4 of the teenagers available to him in 2007 have managed to develop the skills to make that side in 2011.
The side they lost to, that day, (Sydney) had an average age of 24.1 years, incuded 2 teenagers and 11 players under 25 years.
The so called "old" Geelong team that thrashed the Hawks 10 days ago had an average age of 26.1 years and had 8 players under 25 years, but no teenagers.
It appers that Ross' preference has not been to develop youth during 2011, despite losing 7 of their first 8 games.  
Presumably he wanted to leave St Kilda because their list is very old. For some reason we broke all the rules to get him, but why?
He has not won a premiership with the Saints, and he has not shown the ability to develop their youth, so why did we panic and shaft Harvey to get him?
And if, as his mate Roos claims, he had to leave the Saints because he was frustrated, why didn't he resign on the Monday morning after they lost to Sydney, rather than eat his cake and keep it too by negotiating with Freo when we already had a coach?
His principles are questionable, his loyaly is skin deep, and his ability to develop a team is unproven, but our non elected Board have torn up the rule book to get him. Why?