Sitting watching the rain and wind howl in at Scarborough and wondering how warm it is in Hanoi right now. Ahh, but they don't have the unbelievable euphoria of last night's win to sustain them.

It was my first visit to Paterson Stadium since the end of the 2011 season. A lot has changed. The beer is now $7 a mug and the crowds on the concourse near 312 and 313 were jammed at half time. What an appalling sports ground. Nort that it mattered on the night.

I flew in on Thursday night for the match and fly back to Vietnam tomorrow. Then I'm booked to fly to Melbourne on Thursday in time to see the GF parade on Friday and on to the match on Saturday. That's if my friends and I are fortunate enough to score tickets to the MCG.

If not, I'll stay on in Hanoi and watch the game at the Intercontinental Hotel courtesy of the Vietnam Swans, a great local footy team which organises a GF function every year. Big screens, all you can eat and drink for about five hours, and lots of competitions. All for 1,000,000 dong, or $50. Last year's event was great fun with everyone not a poos and wees fan supporting Sydney (oh, the irony).

And at least I'll be warm.