Well wasn’t that a hoot and a half? We got so close and it was all just tantalisingly within reach, only for the P&Ws to shut our run down in the fourth… Balls.
100,007 people is a pretty decent turnout too, and I'm not surprised or disappointed to hear Freo were a little wobbly in the first half perhaps due in part to the massive occasion, but to keep the Hawks to only five goals at half time is a decent effort and something a few of the detractors have unfairly overlooked.
The fact that Fremantle have only played the Hawks twice in 19 years, including Saturday's GF, at the 'G is beyond the Clive. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of playing in regional backwaters and second-rate stadiums (with the exception of Subiaco, of course).
It was great too to read about how much fun everyone had in the buildup, the parade, heading to the ground, the atmosphere at the MCG, and of course the game. The third quarter etched that belief in a bit more for the purple crowd, and whilst they did not 'shut the hell up' at any point, each purple goal in the third was met with a building juggernaut of raucous cheers to match Freo's on-field surge.
But in the end, it must be said, well done to the Waverley Browns. They were the better team… Just.
So in season 2014, the AFL will need to play Freo more at the 'G, whilst the lads work on their shots at goal. Sorted. Easy… But we know better: it never is a done deal, and it doesn't ever get any easier.
It's worth it, though.
Enjoy your summer, gang.