Look, I was going to wait until possibly tomorrow morning, or perhaps 2019 - being the earliest date I think the purple madness will start to subside - to pen something vaguely erudite and enlightening for our purple brethren unable to attend the festivals of purpleness occurring in Melbourne a the moment. 
i) There are no words to sufficiently describe the madness occurring here in Victoria right now. 
ii) Freo supporters have done something today we will talk about, basically forever. If we dominate on the MCG tomorrow anywhere close to today's parade, heaven help the other 17 teams for the foreseeable future. 
Pav was gobsmacked. Crawfs was gobsmacked. Kennett probably dug a hole somewhere and jumped in. 
Could not be prouder to be a Freo person right now. I almost don't care if we win or not tomorrow. 
(Okay, yeah I do, but I know youse all get it.)