I'll start with the red letter day for the Fremantle Football Club, Saturday 21, the second last weekend in September. Try as might I could not assume normal routines today. Time dragged by, I took my watch off so I'd stop looking at it. My game bag was already packed and it wasn't even lunchtime yet!

Then, as if the footy gods wanted to take my mind off things, I had two unexpected cancellations for the game! Unbelievable! Only death would've kept me away, even then I'd have argued up a storm. So, hours of trying to get rid of two tickets to some deserving Freo supporters. No I couldn't give them to a bandwagoner! Partial success after a few hours.

A couple of beers, but I'd have to pace myself, no way was I getting blotto! RTB says keep a lid on it! I re-packed the bag, didn't want to miss anything! Camera batteries charged up, just as well they were nearly flat. Is it time yet?

Finally we're off to the footy, TBH (The Better Half) says we'll be early, but I'm not listening. Yep, we were early! I'm soaking up the atmosphere, it's a rare and special feeling playing at home this late in the year!

We find our seats, the best in the house, for me, aisle, no-one in front, elevated with a good view of the ground and to the left of the western goals. The crowd was fantastic! Even the lines that were too long, everywhere, were full of cameradie. 

The Game, the chants, the wave, the colour, the roar! It was the best game I have ever been too. Better than the demolition of Collingwood by 112 points. Even the weather was on our side. The eye of the storm! Euphoria doesn't cover it. Freo's Voice was a crescendo that will be heard coast to coast.

We didn't join the throng in Fremantle after the game. We went home and watched it again! TBH was not that amused, we usually celebrated differently after a win! 

Sunday, up early and out to get the paper! Pathetic write up, but it was better than nothing! Read DL, check for media online, start watching the game again online. Oops! TBH not amused again! How many times are you going to watch that? Honesty is not always the best policy.

Diplomacy was required, so a lunch in Subiaco was suggested over a coffee on the Cappuccino Strip. Nearly blew it with the suggestion that we watched the WAFL GF though! As the weather was average, home for a winters afternoon in front of the TV, no footy (diplomacy again). TBH is used to being a Footy Widow, but isn't used to the condition lasting so long. An early night was also diplomatic.


Checked DL first thing. Tickets were being allocated! I'd missed the start. Yes! My cc had been debited, we're off on the Weds redeye. So excited. Never been before, but have watched them of course. TBH is a little nervous about the crowds, but we'll have the best time. We'll be bringing the house down when in full cry! Freo Way to Go!