Okay, I know the blog title is not exciting but I just had to use it. I've been signing off emails with Heave Ho for as long as I can remember writing emails.  I've been rebutting Wet Toast taunts with Heave Ho for years and I have enjoyed sharing the exclamation with Victorians for four seasons now.  This season, the Vics have finally stopped asking me which team I'm going to follow now that I live here. Heave Ho!

In the past four seasons there have been three distinct live footy experiences that I cherish; beating Richmond at the G, beating Geelong in the Elimination Final and trekking to Geelong to watch the Qualifying Final on election day. Oh, then there was the 2010 Anchors Aweigh game (Haze's 200th) when I broke up a fight ... but that's another story.

It took me hours to go to sleep after the QF win.  I had another restless night after watching the Premlininary Final at home on Free To Air (a rarity for Freo games) TV.  It wasn't from the sugar I ate (well, maybe) or the replay of highlights in my mind.  At 1.38am it was "Matt DeBoer! what happened? why was he subbed off? will he play next week?".  At 3.24am it was about the weather. At 5.45am it was all about the ballot.

By Sunday afternoon I knew I had less money available to me than I did the day before but I didn't know I was about to lose the interwebs and phone coverage. Ha! suffice to say I was way more stressed than I should have been and Y E S we have tickets to the Grand Final.

Heave [email protected]*%n Ho!

The House of the Heave Hoes keeps a house book for notes, bills, hilarity and the occasional newsclipping my Mum sends from Perth.  Cut n paste can be quite therapeutic for a nervous Docker, so I'll be looking after that this week*.  I'll also be cruising past Fed Square and waving the purple flag at whomever looks my way. Well, not literally. I just wear my hat.  I'll be wearing purple every day. I hope to add some pix here ...

AFL Live Site 23 September

* last Friday I had a day off and reorganised my wardrobe while the nerves grew. Seriously.

tragic pre-game anxiety cleaning

this is part of the view on the way home ... (taken Tuesday 17 September)

the view on the way home

You'll see this when when you get here - Flinder Street Station 

happy snap on the smart phone

and even though I didnt have any coverage and very little battery left on my phone, I stopped on the way to pick up the tickets (oh gosh, that feels good to say) to listen to Mike Brady sing One Day in September on SEN.  

SEN 1116 OB Fed Square 23 September

and finally ... I'm not sure what this is about ... but I guess I've been footified.

NABbed at the AFL Live Site Fed Square.

Oh, I work in a youth community radio station, and I found this in the music 'department' a few months ago.  It now sits next to my desk.  Most of my colleagues have only a casual acquaitance with Aussie Rules so I am not bothered by any animosity. It's Awesome.


working at SYN

Heave Ho!