Sunday September 22


3.00AM – The youngest of the Terminator household wakes us to ask if we had won or not seeing that she fel asleep before the game started. When she was told we did, she then conducted a mini victory lap through the house yahoo-ing in the process, goes back to her room singing the theme song for the next 5 minutes before going back to sleep. Normally you’d yell out “get back to bed” but for some reason this morning we didn’t seem to care!

5.45AM – Alarm clock, up and off to work. Grab my Freo scarf and wear it with pride all day with my uniform. Greeted by a lot of people either laughing, jeering, wishing us luck and some that wont. Surprisingly a lot of Victorians seem at this stage to be on our side! Feeling absolutely spent after a big night watching the game, not getting a lot of sleep tossing and turning all night (very happily I must add)

11.00AM – Phone call from Mrs Terminator and the Terminate-ettes, they’ve been busily decorating the front of the house with all our Freo gear, been told that the Herald-Sun want to run a story on Victorian Dockers fans for the paper, yet they’re a no show. . . disappointing for the kids, nonetheless, onwards and upwards! Home at 5PM, dinner and watch the mornings footy shows recorded from earlier


Monday September 23

3.30AM – Alarm clock, about 4 hours sleep, phone calls, messages, texts, been bombarded all day Sunday. Off to work, still wearing my scarf much to the disgust of the locals still getting over their loss on Friday night, back up with their reserves team losing Sunday. Getting a mixed response, some wishing well, some not, some very stunned Hawks supporters that there is a Docker in town. Another report from media wishing to contact me re a photo shoot wearing my Freo gear at work (another no show). Another phone call from media with the possibility of going on TV with my office and house decorated. Lunchtime finish work, a quite bite to eat and a nanna nap. Up again, shopping to do. The Terminate-ettes want to go to Spotlight and buy any purple clothing and decorations for the Grand Final. Credit cards going to get a hiding this week!


Tuesday September 24

3.30AM - Alarm clock again, got about 5 hours sleep this time! Off to work, still wearing my scarf. Unseasonably warm, but there’s no way this scarfs coming off all week! Another day of mixed reactions to the purple flag flying in Victorian territory! More phone calls, more messages, more well wishers! Lunchtime finish, exhausted, try to get a nanna nap, unsuccessful, up an at em! Get a phone call from a friend that they have found me something to wear to the Grand Final. Will not be revealed until the day! Housework, car cleaning and the like before dark, dinner and bed, watching more footy shows and the Brownlow count replayed.

Wednesday September 25

3.30AM – You guessed it, the alarm goes off again, up and at em, last working day for the week (13 out of 14 days of early shifts catching up with me!) a 4 day weekend awaits thanks to the beauty of some clever rostering! Still got the scarf on, non Cats fans find it amusing! 12PM cant come soon enough, not getting a great deal of sleep this week. The plan is, nanna nap after work, get up, off to Melbourne to help the Cheer Squad make the banner for the Grand Final. Who knows what time we’ll finish tonight! Going to be late I can sense it. Cant wait for the firat nights full sleep in nearly 2 weeks!!!!