Two steps forward, one step back. Thats what Sunday afternoon feels like after a disappointing 63 point loss to Melbourne. Going into the game Im sure most fans felt confident, despite the away record. Good win last week, youngsters growing in confidence, lots of Melbourne injuries. But, after a good start, it seems like the Dees figured out how to shut down the corrider so easily, totally taking away the run and play on which was so affective last week.

In addition, after 3 nice early goals by Mcpharlin, very few options were presented going forward. The conditions also played havoc, Pav's kicking technique is just about flawless but even he struggled to cope with the swirly 'g' winds. Haze played well, Sandi terrific, but the young players still seem a way off from dealing with the difficulties of travel in the AFL. Hill, van Berlo and Ibbotsen particularly quiet.
More than a bit of a fourth term fade out was what made this game particularly difficult to take. Where to from here? Well, I can accept the young players will take a while to learn to win on the road, but some questions must be asked about a few players for the future.

Hopefully the players dont let this spill over and instead come out firing for the last home game, ala Port.