Arrived yesterday with a smattering of purple on the plane. Confident smiles, knowing winks and bound for the big dance. Despite an article in  The West warning of being unwelcome and threatened by simply setting foot in Victoria, we managed to walk around town, adorned in the new fashion colour (purple on purple) unscathed. We survived on hope, a late lunch and a beer at Y&J.

Today was another day, the smattering of purple has turned into the predominant hue (well I think so), and there is no doubt that in the next few days purple will reign over this fair, albeit biased city. Scored a coffee from the legend Tom Grljisich, checked out the Impressionist Exhibition at Fed Square( lots of lavender with the purple blossom -yeah I know but what can a bloke do), and a few good luck comments from the locals.

The classic comment of the far...."Hope ya win on Satdey-fuck Hawthorn" 

Shane will no doubt exercise his editorial discretion- I am merely quoting what was said.