You Be Ross: Melbourne v Fremantle

Ross Lyon has his sights set on the flag this year but he's the sort of bloke who loves to get feedback from the general public, good or bad. So if you really want to be a true supporter of the club, then make sure you shout stuff out to him at the ground and give him some pointers on how to get this coaching caper done. But before you do your duty as a member and hurl advice in the direction of professional coaching staff, make sure you know what you're talking about or they might just right you off as a nutjob and miss out on some choice advice. Work the board, move the magnets around and when you think you've got it sussed, start practising yelling "Hey Ross! Ross! Put Sandilands in the goal square for a rest!"

Colin Garland
James Frawley
Lynden Dunn
Stephen Hill
Matthew Pavlich
Hayden Ballantyne
Jack Grimes
Tom McDonald
Jeremy Howe
Colin Sylvia
Chris Mayne
Cameron Sutcliffe
Jordie McKenzie
Bernie Vince
Jack Viney
Danyle Pearce
Ryan Crowley
David Mundy
Jack Watts
Cameron Pedersen
Matt Jones
Garrick Ibbotson
Luke McPharlin
Tendai Mzungu
Rohan Bail
Chris Dawes
Max Gawn
Paul Duffield
Zac Dawson
Lee Spurr
Mark Jamar
Aaron Sandilands
Nathan Jones
Nat Fyfe
Dom Tyson
Nick Suban
Dean Terlich
Dom Barry
Michael Barlow
Dean Kent
Christian Salem
Lachie Neale
Daniel Nicholson
Luke Tapscott
Zac Clarke
Alex Georgiou
Tommy Sheridan
Anthony Morabito
Hayden Crozier
Clancee Pearce

StasClouds: Fremantle v West Coast can't trust them. The Romans knew what numbers were up to and wouldn't have a bar of them. You can put your faith in a nice sturdy X but a 10, it's shifty. The only thing more iffy than a number is a statistic, they'll cut you open and rob you of your kidneys before you can say "aren't you supposed to drug me and put in a bath of ice first?". Unfortunately we're hooked on numbers though, we need them to work out how many kicks David Mundy had this week...and probably some other stuff too. The Dockerland Labs spent the summer pondering the problem and eventually, when the cricket was over, the fridge was empty and the clicker broke in everyone's pen, they came up with a solution - the stats cloud. A quick glance and you'll pretty much know everything about a game of football that there was to know, at least all the boring bits about it. The bigger the player's name, the more kicks, or marks, or tackles he had compared to his teammates. 

Colin Sylvia Hayden Ballantyne Tendai Mzungu Stephen Hill Zac Dawson Matthew Taberner Paul Duffield Clancee Pearce Nick Suban Lachie Neale Zac Clarke Garrick Ibbotson Danyle Pearce Aaron Sandilands David Mundy Matthew Pavlich Lee Spurr Cameron Sutcliffe Ryan Crowley Chris Mayne Michael Barlow Nathan Fyfe
Nathan Fyfe Zac Clarke Aaron Sandilands David Mundy Paul Duffield Tendai Mzungu Stephen Hill Danyle Pearce Cameron Sutcliffe Chris Mayne Zac Dawson Matthew Taberner Hayden Ballantyne Ryan Crowley Lee Spurr Colin Sylvia Nick Suban Garrick Ibbotson Lachie Neale Matthew Pavlich Clancee Pearce Michael Barlow
Hayden Ballantyne Aaron Sandilands Matthew Taberner Tendai Mzungu Clancee Pearce David Mundy Michael Barlow Zac Clarke Chris Mayne Lachie Neale Colin Sylvia Paul Duffield Danyle Pearce Stephen Hill Cameron Sutcliffe Lee Spurr Nick Suban Zac Dawson Nathan Fyfe Matthew Pavlich Ryan Crowley Garrick Ibbotson
Aaron Sandilands Matthew Taberner Clancee Pearce Garrick Ibbotson Lachie Neale Lee Spurr Stephen Hill Nick Suban Paul Duffield Nathan Fyfe Ryan Crowley David Mundy Cameron Sutcliffe Danyle Pearce Michael Barlow Tendai Mzungu Matthew Pavlich Zac Dawson Hayden Ballantyne Colin Sylvia Chris Mayne Zac Clarke
Clancee Pearce Lachie Neale Chris Mayne Nick Suban Colin Sylvia Garrick Ibbotson Paul Duffield Lee Spurr David Mundy Danyle Pearce Stephen Hill Nathan Fyfe Aaron Sandilands Michael Barlow Ryan Crowley Hayden Ballantyne Matthew Taberner Zac Clarke Cameron Sutcliffe Tendai Mzungu Matthew Pavlich Zac Dawson
Matthew Taberner Zac Dawson Ryan Crowley Matthew Pavlich Nick Suban Stephen Hill David Mundy Colin Sylvia Aaron Sandilands Paul Duffield Cameron Sutcliffe Hayden Ballantyne Michael Barlow Lee Spurr Nathan Fyfe Danyle Pearce Clancee Pearce Tendai Mzungu Garrick Ibbotson Zac Clarke Lachie Neale Chris Mayne

West Coast Eagles Look Towards 2015

The West Coast Eagles boldly declared that their season was on the line in Derby Number Forty...and they lost, presumably ending their season and ridding the state of that annoying whining sound for the next 8 months or so. The Eagles threw everything they had the Dockers (which admittedly isn’t much but, God bless them, they try) but Fremantle barely noticed. For the Dockers, it was little more than a sparring session, audaciously resting their backline and barely bothering to set up a defence for large portions of the match. On occasions they even let the Eagles play with a loose man in attack to try and help Adam Simpson build a bit of confidence in his players. An early lead was quickly, and someone humiliatingly, pegged back by Fremantle and the Dockers tried to keep the Eagles fighting on in the second quarter but by the third quarter there wasn’t much more Fremantle could do. The Eagles couldn’t even trouble the goal umpire for a goal while the Dockers gave their home fans something to cheer about with a spectacular display up forward. Freo gave away a few late ones to help the tv station with their lead in to the news but the game was merely a light training run for the Docker and the result never in any doubt.

fremantle 3.3 5.4 10.6 13.10 88
west coast 4.2 5.9 5.12 11.15 81
fremantle Goals
Hill 3
Ballantyne 3
Pavlich 1
Suban 1
Sylvia 1
Mayne 1
Neale 1
Fyfe 1
D.Pearce 1
west coast Goals
McGovern 2
Kennedy 2
LeCras 2
Darling 1
Ellis 1
McGinnity 1
Hutchings 1
Shuey 1
Clinton Wolf Medal Votes
Stephen Hill 3Nik Suban 2Nat Fyfe 1
InjuriesSome Eagle busted his leg.

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