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TOPIC: 2013: DuFFLe Rules

Mercury 2013: DuFFLe Rules 9 years 3 months ago #1

DuFFLe Rules

The Executive reserve the right to clarify and/or adjust the rules as deemed appropriate. The underlined highlights changes from the previous season.

Each DuFFLe (DFFL) franchise owner will be assigned a random Draft order from 1 to 18. In the first round of the Draft, the franchisees choose in the Draft order (1 to 18). Then the last to pick (18) will choose again and the Draft proceeds in the reverse order to 1. This back and forth continues for all rounds of the Draft. Usually, for the final Draft rounds double picks are allocated. The draft is conducted via Dockerland's Chat utility on an agreed night.

Trades and Substitutions
From the time the DFFL Draft is completed until 23:59 June 30, each franchise can avail themselves of a maximum of three (3) extra draft picks, known as "Trades", but must also delist players to ensure that their squad stays at a size of 15. In the event of one of their players being declared out of action for 6 weeks or more, franchisees can select a substitute from the uncontracted players. This "Substitution" can occur at any time during the DFFL season. If the player who was substituted out due to injury/suspension/deregistration returns to an AFL club's available-for-selection list, he can be reselected via the normal Trade or Substitution rules.

Short-term Contracts for Rounds 11, 12 & 13
Due to the spread of Byes over these Rounds, each DFFL franchise can select an additional four uncontracted players who can be played during these Rounds and only during these Rounds. The short-term contract player can be selected at any time up to and including Round 13, but at the end of Round 13 these players are automatically returned to the Uncontracted Players pool.

Trades and substitutions take priority
Trades and Substitutions will always take priority over a short-term contracted player. This means that a franchise club cannot "lock up" a short-term player early in the season and thereby stop them being picked up as a permanent member of another club's list. Any short-term contracted player can be removed from one DFFL club and added to the list of another DFFL club via a Trade or Substitution. The club losing the short-term contracted player can, of course, choose another player from the pool of uncontracted players.

Weekly Selection of teams
Each week, the DFFL club coach selects 11 players out of their 15 to compete. Those 11 players are broken up into 2 forwards, 3 midfielders, 2 backmen, 1 ruckman and 3 interchange players. If one of the main 8 players pulls out before the game on the weekend, the best interchange player will be chosen to take his place. If a player is hurt during the game, that is bad luck and the statistics he has collected will be counted. DFFL coaches are urged not to use the tactic of selecting players not named in the starting 22. You will be lambasted and pilloried by all if you do. If a player is named as an emergency, and you feel he is likely to play, state your case when submitting your team.

Protection of selected teams during the Bye Rounds
To ensure that a short-term contracted player cannot be poached from another DFFL franchise without the club coach knowing, some protection needs to be in place for selected teams. Consequently, once a team has been selected for the Bye Rounds, any short-term contracted player in that team cannot be taken as a Trade or Substitution for another DFFL squad until the conclusion of that Round, and no short-term contracted player can be picked as a Trade or Substitution within 48 hours of the first game of that Round. DFFL coaches are urged not to use the tactic of selecting all their short-term contracted players early in the week and then having a change of mind just prior to the submission deadline. Penalty likely to be ex-communication.

Non-selection of teams
If the DFFL coach doesn't submit a team by the deadline (which is usually 10 minutes before the official bounce-down time of the first game of the Round), the team chosen for the previous DFFL Round will be used. However, where interchange players are needed to be swapped in, they will be done so without any consideration given to their best placement. The interchange players will be alphabetically allocated in this order: backmen, midfielders, forwards and ruck.

Each team's total score is the accumulation of points attained by the eight players selected or the appropriate interchange player/s.
  • Forwards - 3 points per goal, 1 point per behind
  • Midfielders - 1 point per disposal
  • Backmen - 1 point per mark, 1 point per tackle
  • Ruckman - 1 point per mark, 0.5 points per hit-out
The DFFL ladder
The ladder follows the familiar win/draw/loss format, but instead of using the for/against percentage to delineate between teams on equal points, the DFFL uses an aggregate of your team's scores. This is considered to be a better measure of the Dockerland DFFL Player's selection ability.

The DFFL Home and Away season ends four weeks before the end of the AFL Home and Away. The final AFL Home and Away games are used for the DFFL Finals. The Finals follow the AFL format: Elimination, Qualifying, Preliminary and Grand Finals. In the event of a team finishing with the same score as their opponent (a draw), the team with the higher ladder position at the end of the DFFL Home and Away season will be deemed the victor.
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