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TOPIC: 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum

Mercury 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 1 month 2 weeks ago #1


These, in effect, are the 2024 bye rounds: 0, (Opening Round), 2, 3, 5, 6 and 12, 13, 14 and 15. I see four ways of handling these discordant fixtures.

i) Ignore Round 0 like some other fantasy competitions are doing.

ii) Before Round 0, we hold our Draft and players have the time between the Draft and Round 0 to select their extra uncontacted players (STCs) to top up their squads when the Bye Rounds are upon us, and...
  • a) These STCs remain in place until the end of Round 15, or...
  • b) These STCs remain in place until the end of Round 6. After Round 6 they are returned to the uncontracted players pool and are available, as normal, for selection by other franchises before the BYEs commencing in Round 12.
iii) We just increase the squad size (from 16 to 20) and dismiss the STC provision for this season. You have a squad of twenty players with which you must negotiate the 2024 season. (Normal Trade and LTI options are still available.)

Round zero commences on Thursday March 7 so we need to have the Draft completed by then.
  • Sydney v Melbourne
  • Brisbane v Carlton
  • Gold Coast v Richmond
  • GWS v Collingwood
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cookie 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 1 month 2 weeks ago #2

Firstly, HNY Merc !

Secondly... I reckon easiest thing is just to increase squad size to 20 and forget about STCs.
Maybe add one more trade during the season in to the mix ?
Just my (very humble) opinion.
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FD1016, Mercury said You Beaut

blockerhall 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 1 month 1 week ago #3

Hi all, HNY. Thanks for the heads up and think time Hg, at first pass I like the 20 squad as well for simplicity
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TheColonel 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 1 month 1 week ago #4

20 gets a tick for me.
If I can find enough talent hahahahaha
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moptop 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 1 month 1 week ago #5

Agreed. I think it's fairer too for those people who can be a little tardy with things like that... whoever they are.
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blockerhall, cookie, Mercury, slammen said You Beaut

Bizkit 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 4 weeks 1 day ago #6

I'm late to the party but will be contrary. It's tough to know who will be in the starting 22's when the draft is run let alone in Rd 1 or weeks later when the bye's occur. It's already difficult to keep everyone on track to make 20 selections on draft night. I'd prefer the regular squad size and either taking some STC's for the whole year or some for the first group of byes and then released before a second group is taken. Almost every year i won't select all my STC's unless I have a horrible injury crisis so I can bring people in if needed.

I will point out, taking 20 on draft night does lean far heavier into those who are prepared on draft night picking well. STC's allow changes on the fly to help patch holes. As someone who rarely makes trades it suits me to have more selections on draft night but I think the health of the DuFFLe is a better option so not everyone has to draft a well balanced squad that has all 20 members selected when available. STC's during the year are the better option.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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Mercury 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 6 days ago #7

You raise a good point, Biz, about early selection benefiting the well-prepared on Draft Night. Here are a couple of ideas…

i) Squad size is 20. On Draft Night you can choose a full squad of 20 or “pass” on the last four selections and add them at any time later. You must have a minimum of 16 players after the Draft. No longer do we have STCs.

ii) Squad size is 16 with 4 STCs. On Draft Night you can add your STCs or “pass” and choose them later. The STCs can be played in any round (not just in the BYE rounds) and remain in your squad until the end of Round 6 but are embargoed from being selected for another franchise until the end of Round 7 - i.e. you have a week to reselect them before they are available to others. After this, the STCs remain in your squad for the remainder of the year.
  • The rules for pinching another franchise’s STC player remain in place. That is, you can Trade in another franchise’s STC. They, of course, get to choose another STC.

Example squad for the second option...
i) BAILEY, Zac (Brisbane)
iii) CAMPBELL, Tom
iv) COLEMAN, Keidean
v) CURNOW, Charlie
vi) DALE, Bailey
vii) GREENE, Toby
viii) HENRY, Liam
ix) LLOYD, Jake
xi) MARSHALL, Rowan
xii) MILLS, Callum
xiii) RYAN, Luke
xiv) SINCLAIR, Jack
xvi) ZIEBELL, Jack

xvii) BAKER, Liam (STC)
xviii) CLARK, Jordan (STC)
ixx) COX, Mason (STC)
xx) DANGERFIELD, Patrick (STC)

Baker, Clark, Cox and Danger are removed as STCs at the end of Round 6 but the DuFFLer has the option as reselecting any or all of these players back as STCs as long as they do so within the protected timeframe of about a week.
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Mercury 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 6 days ago #8

Obviously option (ii) is not as clean as (i) but...
  • It allows STCs to be added when a DuFFLer chooses.
  • The STCs being returned to the uncontracted player pool remains in place, albeit with the embargo to allow the STC to be re-signed by their original franchise.
  • The STCs can still be poached by another franchise if they want to use one of their Trades.
  • It effectively increases the squad sizes to 20 as the STCs can be played at any time of the year and not just in the Bye Rounds.
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moptop 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 4 days ago #9

Can I propose an option (iii)?

SInce the first group of byes kick in right at the start of the season it makes sense to pick your STCs at the same time as your main squad, ie during the draft. None of the 20 can be traded in by another coach during the bye rounds.

At the conclusion of Round 6, each coach selects any four of their original 20 to return to the pool - these simply become available players again.

Then, prior to Round 12 (second group of byes are rounds 12-15), we hold a mini-draft for four more STCs each with the draft order determined by the league standings at the end of Round 11. This time, the usual rules of trading STCs would apply.

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TheColonel 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 4 days ago #10

You blokes sound like the AwFL.
Keep changing the rules to suit yourself.

Where is that sarcastica font ?
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Mercury 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 3 days ago #11

I like the idea of any four of the initial 20 players being returned to the available players pool, Moppy. That makes the initial selections much less onerous.
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FD1016 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 1 day ago #12

Belated HNY to everyone!
Bit late seeing all this, apologies…
I’m one of those Biz referred to, who struggles to keep track of trades on draft night, 16 is my preference. To keep things simple, as I think has been suggested, have 16 basic players, selected on draft night, with the option to add another 4 players up to mid season.
Do away with STCs. 3 trades remain and LTI replacements remain.
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Mercury said You Beaut

captdazza 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 10 hours ago #13

Hi all,

Very happy to be back for another season of the mighty Duffle.
Just prior to the beginning of last season I got the dreaded cancer diagnosis and whilst the doctors were confident, you are never sure how you are going to respond to treatment. So far all is going fairly well, 6 months of intense chemo has had some good results, and now on a less intense chemo plan for 2 years to try and prevent it growing back too soon.
That along with possibility of Merc retiring, there were times when this season seemed in a little doubt.
Buy here we are, back and ready for another shot at Duffle glory - Whoop, Whoop!.

I'm in the camp of drafting 16 minimum, and allowing us to pick another 4 at any stage. To avoid having mid season drafts and STC issues, I suggest making the extra 4 permanent players, in line with Merc's option i above.

To ensure competitiveness towards the back end of the season I would increase trades to at least 4, and also reduce LTI's to "a minimum of 4 weeks". You could control the trades if need be, along lines of up to 3 trades prior to Round 12 (the mid season bye period) and a further 1 or 2 trades from round 12 onwards. I think there will be quite a variation of when coaches choose to pick their players 17-20, and when trades will get used.

That said, I'm happy with all options.
Getting in early and requesting a top 6 draft pick please.
2012 Duffle Champ
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blockerhall, FD1016, cookie, Mercury, Bizkit, slammen said You Beaut

Straddo 2024: Fixtures/Bye Rounds Conundrum 3 weeks 10 hours ago #14

Hey Capt, good to hear you've responded well to the treatment so far and all the best as you go through this next phase!

I like the idea of drafting 16 and up to 20 on draft night/prior to the start of the season and then returning any 4 of your 20 after the first set of bye rounds. Normal STC rules apply for rounds 12 onwards.

As someone who has done the full spectrum from being very well prepared to "oh is on now?" For draft night, if we've got a full suite of dufflers, I'm not sure there is much of an advantage once we get down to player 17 and onwards.
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cookie, Mercury, captdazza, slammen said You Beaut
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