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TOPIC: 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections

Mercury 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #1

The 2022 AFL season gets underway this Wednesday 16 March at 4:10pm WA time. 7:30pm for you on the eastern seaboard and 2:10am for anyone living in Kansas. Our deadlines are ten minutes before the bouncedown so your team has to be submitted to this thread by 4:00pm (WA time). Welcome to a new season. Let's have some fun.

To help me record your team selections with minimum Pollyanna grief, please (roughly) follow the format...
Backs: player, player
Mids: player, player, player
Fwds: player, player
Ruck: player
Interchange: player, player, player, player

2022 and the DuFFLe is International

You beaut! The AFL is back underway in just a few days and the DuFFLe squads look well-matched this year. No standouts, except for the self-proclaimed Bizkit, and even Moptop is suggesting that he might even make a few selection deadlines this year.

Special welcome to our new players Snail and The American. Only three bits of advice for you. Firstly, the best backmen in the AFL competition are not the best backs in the DuFFLe. Remember that our backs score points for marks and tackles, so you may find that it is a player who is the midfield for their Club who scores the best for you as a backman. Secondly, don't listen to Polly. The Crazy Cat Lady will lead you up the garden path. Lastly, look closely at my predictions each week; I am right 95% of the time and you will learn lots from me.
- bait cast - waiting for bites -

Round 1
  • FD1016 (The Piglets) v The Blocker (Willsie Aeroplane) at The Swinging Pig
  • The American (Infernal Imposters) v 391 (G2G passes) at Flyover Country Stadium
  • CaptDazza (Jolly Jokers) v BomberTroy (Belconnen Bombres) at Walyalup Waterfront
  • Cookie (Ingredients) v Pollyanna (Hooley-Dooleys) at Kitchen
  • Bizkit (SoS Superstars) v Moptop (Lupine Anchors) at STFUppercut Stadium
  • MattyT (El Primero) v Snail (Ruby Tuesdays) at Swan Valley Arena
  • Straddo (Souls) v Ooslumbird (Knights in Purple Satin) at Peaceful Paddock
  • The Colonel (Freedom Fighters) v Purple Kit (Purple Kit Kats) at Kyiv Resistance Stadium

Kiss of Death
  • Blocker always starts off the season flying; Piglets lose a close one.
  • The American notches up a win against 391 who always starts slowly.
  • The captain gives the Bomber a DuFFle lesson and wins well.
  • Cookie wins despite me giving him an unbalanced squad. Luckily Polly is more unbalanced.
  • Biz's Stars are not anchored down by Moppy who forgets to put his team in on time.
  • MattyT wins well as Snail learns of the DuFFLe intricacies.
  • Straddo defeats Oos in a high scoring but tight contest.
  • Colonel's Fighters fail to muster the grit to account for Purple Kit.
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cookie, Bizkit said You Beaut

purple kit 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #2

purple kit
Nooo, not the KOD in round 1, I think you failed to take into account that half my team is listed as a “test” in the latest injury update.
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Straddo 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #3

It's always a good match up with the Knights and The Souls are out to go one further this year. In 2021 we finished top of the table, the Duffle equivalent of winning the McClelland Trophy, only to find that finishing top of the ladder means less than nothing in the world of the Duffle. The praise and glory we deserve wasn't forthcoming so we've dusted off the old playbook, scribbled in a few extra notes, sewn the players lips shut so they can't talk to the umpires, and shown a disproportionately large amount of confidence (despite all the available evidence) in the Fremantle forward line of Taberner, Frederick and Treacy to outscore the key forwards from the other 17 clubs.

Good luck folks!

Backs: Moore, D., Docherty, S.
Mids: Crouch, M., Kelly, T., Macrae, J.
Fwds: Taberner, M., Kennedy, J.
Ruck: Marshall, R.
Interchange: Ladhams, P., McDonald-Tipungwuti, A., Daicos, N., Newman, N.

PS. I am going fishing next week for 10 days and may be out of comms range for most of that time, so in the event that you don't hear from me prior to the start of the following round, I will assume my team has done well and go in unchanged for round two.
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FD1016, Mercury said You Beaut

purple kit 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #4

purple kit
The colonel stole a lot of players from me during draft night, so this will be some sweet revenge. Tipping Buddy to kick at least 4 to reach the 1000 goals mark as soon as possible just to get the media off his back.

Back: SWALLOW, David (Gold Coast)
Back: HOSKIN-ELLIOTT, Will (Collingwood)
Mid: LYONS, Jarryd (Brisbane)
Mid: CROUCH, Brad (St Kilda)
Mid: BOAK, Travis (Port Adelaide)
Fwd: FRANKLIN, Lance (Sydney)
Fwd: DIXON, Charlie (Port Adelaide)
Ruck: MARTIN, Stefan (Western Bulldogs)

SIDEBOTTOM, Steele (Collingwood)
BRIGGS, Kieren (Greater Western Sydney)
PICKETT, Kysaiah (Melbourne)
BOLTON, Shai (Richmond)

Not selected:
SHARP, Jeremy (Gold Coast)
PREUSS, Braydon (Greater western Sydney) - suspended
FINLAYSON, Jeretmy (Port Adelaide)
DAWSON, Jordan (Adelaide)

Good luck and may we have an injury free round. I reserve the right to update this team closer to kick off, although being a Wednesday I doubt many teams will be named.
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Mercury said You Beaut

Snail 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #5

Backs: Mihocek B Slone R
Mids: Adams T Hall A Zorko D
Forwards: Hawkins T Rachele J
Ruck: Goldstein T
Interchange: Daniel C Flynn M Milera W Neale-Bullen A
Emergency: Sweet J Deboer M Ugle-J Powell Pepper S

Quietly confident that I can put up a good showing even though my players will have to put up with the great unwashed of the Swan Valley.
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Mercury said You Beaut

ooslumbird 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #6

The Knights face the impressive Souls outfit and it appears they may just have a pretty imposing assignment in front of them.
Still, we'll give it a go. All the best Straddo!
BACKS: R Burton(Port), H Greenwood(NM)
MIDS: D Parish(Ess), N Fyfe(Frem), L Whitfield(GWS)
FORWARDS: M King(SK), M Georgiades(Port)
RUCK: M Gawn(Melb)
INTER: N Reeves(GWS), J de Goey(Coll), J O'Meara(Haw), J Horne-Francis(NM)
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Straddo said You Beaut

FD1016 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #7

Well hello all, soooo good to be back!
The Piglets have new faces but the same old coach, who really should’ve been sacked seasons ago :D
So let’s see if any lessons have been learned from failures past… doubtful, very doubtful!

Ok let’s go…
BACK: Pendles, Tuohy
MID: T Miller, Josh Dunkley, A Cerra
FWD: T Membrey, B Banfield
RUC: Grundy
INT: McDonald, Gulden, Danger, Crisp

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Mercury said You Beaut

pollyanna 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #8

Ok, let's get a team together.

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blockerhall 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #9

Soo, did I mention it was the tenth anniversary of The Blocker's legendary premiership win from 8th? My main man Ryan Griffen caught fire and carried me over the line in the finals series. I'm sure my newly annointed charges, inspired by campfire stories of courage from that year, will surge on, spirits embiggened, in the quest for ultimate glory- The DFFL premiership!

Teh Willsie Aeroplane (provisional) :

Backs: Duncan, M (Gee); Amon, K (Poo)
Midfield: Neale, L (BV); Kelly, J (GWS); Smith, B (WB)
Forwards: Cameron, J (Gee); Brown, B (Melb)
Ruck: Pittonet, M (Carl)

I/C: Hickey, T (Swans); Hunter, L (WB); Gunston, J (Orks); Cox, M (Pies)

Not Selected: Green, T (GWS); Hewett, G, (Carl); Perryman, H (GWS); Weller, L (GCS)
Not AFL selected:
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Mercury, Bizkit, Straddo said You Beaut

Straddo 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #10

Soooo two days out from the start of round 1 and my main man Tabs has pinged a hammy and one of my key mids has decided to come down with the Rona!

A round one flogging would certainly rebalance the Souls expectations. Changes pending...

The one bright light? Tabs going down could set the scene for the return of The Big Cohuna!!
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captdazza 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #11

The Premiership Hero returns.

Jolly Jokers:
Backs: N Haynes GWS, J Ridley Ess
Mids: J Steele StK, H McCluggage Bri, M Rowell GC
Fwds: A Naughton WB, D McStay Bri
Ruck: O McInerney Bri
Interchange: N Naitanui WC, J Worpel Haw, J Howe Col, T Thomas NM

Good luck in your debut Bombertroy - not too much beginners luck I hope.

All the best to Snail and The American as well in your first games.

Go Freo and Suns!
2012 Duffle Champ
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The American 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #12

The American
We may as well have the wooden spoon ceremony right now, as I am in far over my head with this whole thing. I like the looks of my draft, other than the number of injuries in it currently, but I will be flying by the seat of my pants the entire season. Will name my starters shortly.
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FD1016, Mercury said You Beaut

moptop 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #13

Lupine Anchors away!

DEF: Jack Ziebell (NM), Jack Henry (GEE)
MID: Andrew Brayshaw (FRE), Noah Anderson (GCS), Ben Keays (ADE)
FWD: Bayley Fritsch (MEL), Nick Larkey (NM)
RUCK: Reilly O'Brien (ADE)
INT: Jesse Hogan (GWS), David Mundy (FRE), Brayden Fiorini (GCS), Sam Hayes (PTA)

Good luck, Biz. May the odds be ever in my favour (I think that's right).
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Matty T, Bizkit, pollyanna said You Beaut

pollyanna 2022: Round 01 - Team Selections 3 months 1 week ago #14

Top effort, almost a day early.
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purple kit, Mercury, moptop said You Beaut
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