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TOPIC: 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds

Mercury 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #1

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Okay... So we have selected the short-term contracted players for the dreaded Bye Rounds. Some players opted to stay out of the Bye Draft and that's fine. This is what we have thus far.

Because this si so new and because I found it really, really hard to pick for a few other teams, I will let anyone change the STCs they have. No "charge" for doing so. It doesn't cost you a Trade.

Change any or all of your STCs by bouncedown from Round 12. If you have STCs left up your sleeve to choose, take your time. No time restriction for you.

For those who participated in the Byes Draft, you got the advantage of choosing first. There's a good chance you are more than happy with your selections.

Make all changes in the Trades and Substitutions thread, please.

391 CONIGLIO, Stephen (Greater Western Sydney) N
391 DUNCAN, Mitch (Geelong) N
391 ENGLISH, Tim (Western Bulldogs) N
391 FANTASIA, Orazio (Port Adelaide) N
391 FRANKLIN, Lance (Sydney) N
391 FRITSCH, Bayley (Melbourne) N
391 HICKEY, Tom (Sydney) T
391 HOPPER, Jacob (Greater Western Sydney) N
391 KELLY, Tim (West Coast) N
391 LLOYD, Jake (Sydney) N
391 MCDONALD, Logan (Sydney) N
391 MOTLOP, Steven (Port Adelaide) U
391 NAUGHTON, Aaron (Western Bulldogs) N
391 RICH, Daniel (Brisbane) T
391 SEEDSMAN, Paul (Adelaide) U
391 SHEED, Dom (West Coast) T
391 SLOANE, Rory (Adelaide) N
391 TABERNER, Matthew (Fremantle) N
Alvin Prpl BALLARD, Charlie (Gold Coast) S
Alvin Prpl BIRCHALL, Grant (Brisbane) S
Alvin Prpl BROWN, Ben (Melbourne) N
Alvin Prpl DANIEL, Caleb (Western Bulldogs) N
Alvin Prpl GULDEN, Errol (Sydney) S
Alvin Prpl KENNEDY, Josh P. (Sydney) N
Alvin Prpl LYCETT, Scott (Port Adelaide) N
Alvin Prpl MCADAM, Shane (Adelaide) S
Alvin Prpl MERRETT, Zach (Essendon) N
Alvin Prpl RICCARDI, Jake (Greater Western Sydney) N
Alvin Prpl RIEWOLDT, Jack (Richmond) N
Alvin Prpl RYDER, Paddy (St Kilda) N
Alvin Prpl SIDEBOTTOM, Steele (Collingwood) N
Alvin Prpl WARD, Callan (Greater Western Sydney) S
Alvin Prpl WELLER, Lachie (Gold Coast) T
Alvin Prpl WRIGHT, Peter (Essendon) N
Bizkit BREUST, Luke (Hawthorn) N
Bizkit CROUCH, Matt (Adelaide) S
Bizkit CUNNINGTON, Ben (North Melbourne) N
Bizkit DANIHER, Joe (Brisbane) N
Bizkit DARCY, Sean (Fremantle) N
Bizkit DUNSTAN, Luke (St Kilda) U
Bizkit HALL, Aaron (North Melbourne) T
Bizkit HIMMELBERG, Harry (Greater Western Sydney) N
Bizkit HOUSTON, Dan (Port Adelaide) N
Bizkit JIATH, Changkuoth (Hawthorn) T
Bizkit KEAYS, Ben (Adelaide) U
Bizkit LYNCH, Tom (Richmond) N
Bizkit MARTIN, Jack (Carlton) N
Bizkit NANKERVIS, Toby (Richmond) N
Bizkit NEALE, Lachie (Brisbane) N
Bizkit PARKER, Luke (Sydney) N
Bizkit RIDLEY, Jordan (Essendon) N
Bizkit TRELOAR, Adam (Western Bulldogs) S
Bizkit WEIGHTMAN, Cody (Western Bulldogs) U
Blockerhall ANDREWS, Harris (Brisbane) T
Blockerhall CAMERON, Jeremy (Geelong) N
Blockerhall CLARK, Hunter (St Kilda) U
Blockerhall COTCHIN, Trent (Richmond) N
Blockerhall DAWSON, Jordan (Sydney) U
Blockerhall DE KONING, Tom (Carlton) T
Blockerhall FLYNN, Matthew (Greater Western Sydney) N
Blockerhall GUNSTON, Jack (Hawthorn) S
Blockerhall HARMES, James (Melbourne) U
Blockerhall HEPPELL, Dyson (Essendon) N
Blockerhall KING, Ben (Gold Coast) N
Blockerhall LEVER, Jake (Melbourne) U
Blockerhall MACRAE, Jackson (Western Bulldogs) N
Blockerhall MCGRATH, Andrew (Essendon) N
Blockerhall MCKAY, Harry (Carlton) N
Blockerhall PERRYMAN, Harry (Greater Western Sydney) N
Blockerhall PITTONET, Marc (Carlton) N
Blockerhall SALEM, Christian (Melbourne) N
Blockerhall SMITH, Bailey (Western Bulldogs) N
Blockerhall STEWART, Tom (Geelong) N
CaptDazza ADAMS, Taylor (Collingwood) S
CaptDazza BARRASS, Tom (West Coast) S
CaptDazza BRUCE, Josh (Western Bulldogs) PST
CaptDazza CURNOW, Ed (Carlton) N
CaptDazza DARLING, Jack (West Coast) S
CaptDazza DRAPER, Sam (Essendon) N
CaptDazza GARNER, Taylor (North Melbourne) U
CaptDazza JACKSON, Luke (Melbourne) N
CaptDazza KENNEDY, Josh J. (West Coast) N
CaptDazza LLOYD, Daniel (Greater Western Sydney) U
CaptDazza MARSHALL, Rowan (St Kilda) N
CaptDazza MARTIN, Stefan (Western Bulldogs) T
CaptDazza MAY, Steven (Melbourne) T
CaptDazza MITCHELL, Tom (Hawthorn) N
CaptDazza RANKINE, Izak (Gold Coast) U
CaptDazza REDDEN, Jack (West Coast) U
CaptDazza ROSS, Sebastian (St Kilda) N
CaptDazza RYAN, Luke (Fremantle) N
CaptDazza SIMPKIN, Jy (North Melbourne) S
CaptDazza STEELE, Jack (St Kilda) N
Cookie ADAMS, Marcus (Brisbane) U
Cookie ASH, Lachie (Greater Western Sydney) S
Cookie CAMPBELL, Tom (North Melbourne) S
Cookie CEGLAR, Jonathon (Hawthorn) N
Cookie COLEMAN-JONES, Callum (Richmond) U
Cookie COX, Mason (Collingwood) T
Cookie DAVIES-UNIACKE, Luke (North Melbourne) PST
Cookie GRAY, Robbie (Port Adelaide) N
Cookie GREENE, Toby (Greater Western Sydney) N
Cookie HOOKER, Cale (Essendon) N
Cookie LANGFORD, Kyle (Essendon) U
Cookie MARSHALL, Todd (Port Adelaide) PST
Cookie MILLS, Callum (Sydney) N
Cookie OLIVER, Clayton (Melbourne) N
Cookie PARISH, Darcy (Essendon) N
Cookie PHILLIPS, Tom (Hawthorn) N
Cookie REID., Sam (Sydney) T
Cookie SMITH, Devon (Essendon) N
Cookie TARANTO, Tim (Greater Western Sydney) N
Cookie WITHERDEN, Alex (West Coast) U
FD1016 ATKINS, Tom (Geelong) U
FD1016 BRAYSHAW, Andrew (Fremantle) N
FD1016 BUTTERS, Zak (Port Adelaide) N
FD1016 BYRNE-JONES, Darcy (Port Adelaide) U
FD1016 CORBETT, Josh (Gold Coast) S
FD1016 CRISP, Jack (Collingwood) N
FD1016 GIBBONS, Michael (Carlton) T
FD1016 GREEN, Tom (Greater Western Sydney) U
FD1016 HOULI, Bachar (Richmond) N
FD1016 IMPEY, Jarman (Hawthorn) U
FD1016 LOBB, Rory (Fremantle) T
FD1016 MARTIN, Dustin (Richmond) N
FD1016 MCEVOY, Ben (Hawthorn) N
FD1016 MOORE, Darcy (Collingwood) N
FD1016 SCHULTZ, Lachie (Fremantle) T
FD1016 SERONG, Caleb (Fremantle) N
FD1016 SETTERFIELD, Will (Carlton) T
FD1016 SMITH, Isaac (Geelong) N
FD1016 TUCKER, Darcy (Fremantle) N
FD1016 ZORKO, Dayne (Brisbane) N
MattyT BOAK, Travis (Port Adelaide) N
MattyT BONNER, Riley (Port Adelaide) U
MattyT CASBOULT, Levi (Carlton) N
MattyT DAICOS, Josh (Collingwood) U
MattyT DOEDEE, Tom (Adelaide) N
MattyT FINLAYSON, Jeremy (Greater Western Sydney) N
MattyT HENDERSON, Lachie (Geelong) N
MattyT HUNTER, Lachie (Western Bulldogs) N
MattyT JONES, Harrison (Essendon) T
MattyT LIBERATORE, Tom (Western Bulldogs) N
MattyT LUKOSIUS, Jack (Gold Coast) N
MattyT MCGOVERN, Jeremy (West Coast) N
MattyT MENEGOLA, Sam (Geelong) N
MattyT MIHOCEK, Brody (Collingwood) N
MattyT NAITANUI, Nic (West Coast) N
MattyT STRINGER, Jake (Essendon) N
MattyT WHITFIELD, Lachie (Greater Western Sydney) N
MattyT WILSON, Nathan (Fremantle) U
MattyT WORPEL, James (Hawthorn) U
MattyT YEO, Elliot (West Coast) T
Moptop ANDERSON, Noah (Gold Coast) T
Moptop BAILEY, Zac (Brisbane) U
Moptop BETTS, Eddie (Carlton) PST
Moptop BILLINGS, Jack (St Kilda) N
Moptop BOWES, Jack (Gold Coast) N
Moptop BUTLER, Dan (St Kilda) N
Moptop COFFIELD, Nick (St Kilda) N
Moptop DAY, Will (Hawthorn) T
Moptop DIXON, Charlie (Port Adelaide) N
Moptop ELLIS, Brandon (Gold Coast) N
Moptop GUTHRIE, Cameron (Geelong) N
Moptop HAYES, Sam (Port Adelaide) S
Moptop MAYNARD, Brayden (Collingwood) N
Moptop MCINERNEY, Oscar (Brisbane) N
Moptop REDMAN, Mason (Essendon) U
Moptop ROBINSON, Mitch (Brisbane) U
Moptop ROWBOTTOM, James (Sydney) PST
Moptop SHEPPARD, Brad (West Coast) U
Moptop WALKER, Taylor (Adelaide) T
Moptop ZIEBELL, Jack (North Melbourne) S
Ooslumbird AMON, Karl (Port Adelaide) T
Ooslumbird BONTEMPELLI, Marcus (Western Bulldogs) N
Ooslumbird BRAYSHAW, Angus (Melbourne) N
Ooslumbird DE GOEY, Jordan (Collingwood) N
Ooslumbird GAWN, Max (Melbourne) N
Ooslumbird GEORGIADES, Mitch (Port Adelaide) N
Ooslumbird HAWKINS, Tom (Geelong) N
Ooslumbird HIND, Nick (Essendon) U
Ooslumbird LAIRD, Rory (Adelaide) N
Ooslumbird MARKOV, Oleg (Gold Coast) T
Ooslumbird MAYNE, Chris (Collingwood) U
Ooslumbird MCDONALD-TIPUNGWUTI, Anthony (Essendon) N
Ooslumbird O'MEARA, Jaeger (Hawthorn) N
Ooslumbird SELWOOD, Joel (Geelong) S
Ooslumbird SHIELS, Liam (Hawthorn) U
Ooslumbird SMITH, Brodie (Adelaide) U
Ooslumbird SWEET, Jordon (Western Bulldogs) S
Ooslumbird THILTHORPE, Riley (Adelaide) T
Ooslumbird UGLE-HAGAN, Jamarra (Western Bulldogs) N
Ooslumbird WEITERING, Jacob (Carlton) S
Pollyanna ALIIR, Aliir (Port Adelaide) N
Pollyanna BLICAVS, Mark (Geelong) N
Pollyanna BOLTON, Shai (Richmond) N
Pollyanna CROZIER, Hayden (Western Bulldogs) U
Pollyanna CUMMING, Isaac (Greater Western Sydney) U
Pollyanna FROST, Sam (Hawthorn) U
Pollyanna FYFE, Nathan (Fremantle) N
Pollyanna GOLDSTEIN, Todd (North Melbourne) N
Pollyanna HEENEY, Isaac (Sydney) N
Pollyanna HILL, Brad (St Kilda) N
Pollyanna HIPWOOD, Eric (Brisbane) N
Pollyanna PARFITT, Brandan (Geelong) U
Pollyanna RAMPE, Dane (Sydney) N
Pollyanna SHORT, Jayden (Richmond) N
Pollyanna WALSH, Sam (Carlton) N
Pollyanna WALTERS, Michael (Fremantle) N
Pollyanna WEIDEMAN, Sam (Melbourne) T
Pollyanna WILLIAMS, Zac (Carlton) N
Pollyanna WINES, Ollie (Port Adelaide) N
Pollyanna WINGARD, Chad (Hawthorn) N
Purple Kit ACRES, Blake (Fremantle) N
Purple Kit CAMERON, Charlie (Brisbane) N
Purple Kit CAMERON, Darcy (Collingwood) N
Purple Kit CERRA, Adam (Fremantle) N
Purple Kit CROUCH, Brad (St Kilda) N
Purple Kit DOCHERTY, Sam (Carlton) N
Purple Kit GRUNDY, Brodie (Collingwood) N
Purple Kit HIGGINS, Jack (St Kilda) N
Purple Kit HOGAN, Jesse (Greater Western Sydney) N
Purple Kit KELLY, Josh (Greater Western Sydney) N
Purple Kit MUNDY, David (Fremantle) N
Purple Kit PETRACCA, Christian (Melbourne) N
Purple Kit PRESTIA, Dion (Richmond) N
Purple Kit SEXTON, Alex (Gold Coast) N
Purple Kit SMITH, Zac (Gold Coast) T
Purple Kit VLASTUIN, Nick (Richmond) N
Straddo CRIPPS, Patrick (Carlton) N
Straddo DANGERFIELD, Patrick (Geelong) N
Straddo FRAMPTON, Billy (Adelaide) N
Straddo GAFF, Andrew (West Coast) PST
Straddo HARDWICK, Blake (Hawthorn) U
Straddo HAYNES, Nick (Greater Western Sydney) N
Straddo KING, Max (St Kilda) N
Straddo LADHAMS, Peter (Port Adelaide) U
Straddo LANGDON, Ed (Melbourne) N
Straddo LARKEY, Nick (North Melbourne) N
Straddo LYONS, Jarryd (Brisbane) N
Straddo MCGOVERN, Mitch (Carlton) N
Straddo MEEK, Lloyd (Fremantle) N
Straddo MEMBREY, Tim (St Kilda) N
Straddo MILLER, Touk (Gold Coast) N
Straddo MOORE, Dylan (Hawthorn) U
Straddo O'BRIEN, Reilly (Adelaide) N
Straddo PHILLIPS, Andrew (Essendon) U
Straddo ROHAN, Gary (Geelong) S
Straddo SAAD, Adam (Carlton) N
TheColonel AARTS, Jake (Richmond) S
TheColonel ALLEN, Oscar (West Coast) T
TheColonel BERRY, Jarrod (Brisbane) N
TheColonel BURTON, Ryan (Port Adelaide) U
TheColonel COX, Brennan (Fremantle) N
TheColonel DREW, Willem (Port Adelaide) U
TheColonel LOGUE, Griffin (Fremantle) N
TheColonel MCCLUGGAGE, Hugh (Brisbane) N
TheColonel MCDONALD, Tom (Melbourne) S
TheColonel MCKENZIE, Trent (Port Adelaide) N
TheColonel MCSTAY, Daniel (Brisbane) N
TheColonel MUMFORD, Shane (Greater Western Sydney) T
TheColonel PAPLEY, Tom (Sydney) N
TheColonel PENDLEBURY, Scott (Collingwood) N
TheColonel PICKETT, Kysaiah (Melbourne) T
TheColonel SINCLAIR, Callum (Sydney) S
TheColonel STANLEY, Rhys (Geelong) N
TheColonel SWALLOW, David (Gold Coast) U
TheColonel TUOHY, Zach (Geelong) U
TheColonel WATSON, Tobe (Fremantle) N
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cookie 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #2

Thanks to whomever picked for me
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blockerhall said You Beaut

pollyanna 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #3

How did I end up with Sam Frost from the WeePoos?
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Mercury 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #4

Tell me what I did wrong, Polly, and I'll fix it. Did I click on the wrong player?
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Bizkit 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #5

Polly picked Crozier, Cummings, Parfitt and Aarts.

However I think Aarts already belonged to someone.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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pollyanna 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #6

You must have Mercs, no big deal:

OUT: Sam Frost
IN: Ian Bobby Hill GWS

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Mercury 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #7

Fixed, Polly.
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pollyanna said You Beaut

Matty T 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #8

Matty T
Looks like I forgot something!

Thnaks for picking Hg
I just wanna beat Slammo in the DuFFLe
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blockerhall 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 1 day ago #9

It was Harrison Jones who already belonged to Matty T. Artes was the fifth musketeer.
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cookie 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 15 hours ago #10

Hi Merc, can I swap out Witherden for Bailey Dale from the Bulldogs please...?
As I said, much appreciative of the picks, but I do have a firm “non-Egurls” policy :-)

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FD1016, Bizkit, pollyanna said You Beaut

Mercury 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 2 weeks 15 hours ago #11

Please pop this in the TRADES thread - but yes.
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cookie said You Beaut

blockerhall 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 1 week 6 days ago #12

Sorry Cookie, couldn't help myself. HG indicated thatr the screaming fowl was one of the sides you might have needed to select from. I had no idea about positions though, so went backman/mid
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cookie 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 1 week 6 days ago #13

Haha no worries Blocker, you did great - appreciated.
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FD1016 2021: STCs for Bye Rounds 1 week 6 days ago #14

Thanks Mr Mercs!

However, I’ve just noticed that all my STCs have a bye this week!! :b
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