TOPIC: Just in case....

ooslumbird Just in case.... 3 weeks 17 hours ago #1

Probably no need for this, but just in case.....
I will be in Royal Melbourne Hospital for about a week from 16th Feb, so if the draft night is settled on before I'm back on air again, please count me in!

Looking forward to another season(hopefully)!

Regards and best wishes to all.
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Matty T, Bizkit, pollyanna said You Beaut

purple kit Just in case.... 3 weeks 16 hours ago #2

purple kit
Good luck with everything Oos.

Just for the record, I’m in for another year as well.
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captdazza Just in case.... 3 weeks 12 hours ago #3

I'm in.

Go well Oos.
2012 Duffle Champ
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pollyanna Just in case.... 3 weeks 8 hours ago #4

Keep well my friend, the best of luck for your hospital stay.
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Bizkit Just in case.... 2 weeks 6 days ago #5

I'm always keen on another DuFFLe season.

Best of luck Oos, had my own hospital stint last month and it's not fun. Fingers are crossed all goes well for you.
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Mercury Just in case.... 2 weeks 6 days ago #6

Best wishes, Oos!
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ooslumbird Just in case.... 2 weeks 6 days ago #7

Thanks one and all for the good wishes. Makes you realise what a great mob we've got.

Having back surgery. They won't need any knives, there are a few in there already!

Roll on the footy!
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blockerhall Just in case.... 2 weeks 6 days ago #8

Hope it all goes well Oos!

What's Straddo doing draft night? Does he want a chance to go back2back?
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Straddo Just in case.... 2 weeks 4 days ago #9

Blocker - Isn't this a reciprocal arrangement? I'm not sure I want to tarnish my 100% Duffle winning record*

*When picking teams for Duffle winners.
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blockerhall said You Beaut
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