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Bizkit Squad Analysis 1 week 5 days ago #1

Time is not something I've had a lot of lately so this is a pretty quick write up. I've thrown everyone's side together as I'd play them and given them a loose ranking.

I) CaptDazza
B: J Howe, N Haynes
M: J Dunkley, J Kelly, Viney
F: Dixon, J Reiwoldt
R: Gawn
I: Preuss, Ryder, Shuey, J McGovern
Eme: J Selwood, Dunstan, B Ellis, Lonie
The Captain has picked a very good side here, the best ruck with an incredibly strong and deep midfield that’s been rounded out by some quality defenders. His old men up forward will need to hold the fort through form and injury though because there’s not much else. If they contribute a few goals, he’ll be up around the top of the ladder.

II) 391
B: Taberner, Blakely
M: Coniglio, Hunter, Fiorini
F: B Brown, Stephenson
R: Grundy
I: Ceglar, Houston, Ward, Ang Brayshaw
Eme: Hogan, Hayward, Keath, Wallis
Geez there’s some star power here. One of the top few rucks, top few forwards, top few mids and a marking machine down back. That first line doesn’t get any better than that. The second forward and defender position are a worry though and he’ll be hoping Hogan can get back on the park asap. Houston will be the big improver pushing for a midfield spot but I can see a lot of players rotating through defence.

III) Bizkit
B: Docherty, Roberton
M: Z Merrett, Dangerfield, T Adams
F: T Walker, Bruce
R: Jacobs
I: Bellchambers, J Elliott, Hopper, J Martin
Eme: Aish, Bruest, Gresham, M King
I won’t lie, I’m far more comfortable with my side this year. I loaded up in the midfield and forward with plenty of options throughout the squad. Lucking out with 2 main ruckman is a blessing too. The question will be in defense where I’ve gambled on players returning from long injury lay-offs. I reckon they’ll come good though and between Martin and Aish, I’ll have plenty of cover. This side is top 4 bound.

IV) Pollyanna
B: L Ryan, Heeney
M: P Cripps, D Martin, B Hill
F: Walters, Patton
R: O’Brien
I: May, C Curnow, E Curnow, Naughton
Eme: Doedee, Grimes, Rankine, Wingard
Has Polly given up on Paddy Ryder? It might just work for him because this side looks bloody good. The mids will take care of themselves and there’s even a bit of depth there. There’s plenty of options up forward and he has a high marking defense along with a great young ruckman. I think I’m going to pencil in Polly for the 8 this year.

V) FD1016
B: Tomlinson, Newman
M: JP Kenneddy, Boak, Daniel
F: Sexton, DeGoey
R: Witts
I: Z Smith, Mihocek, Polec, Tucker
Eme: Cerra, Z Jones, Lewis, Weideman
Potentially the best ruckman is a great start to the side and a solid midfield with some high marking defenders and goal kicking forwards will go a long way. There’s lots of goal kicking depth and the midfield should be pretty well set and forget. This side is finals bound for mine.

VI) Nelson
B: D Smith, McPherson
M: T Mitchell, B Smith, Bontempelli
F: C Cameron, Greene
R: Naismith
I: Nankervis, T McDonald, Greenwood, Acres
Eme: Ainsworth, H Bennell, Hately, Rayner
Nelson could have a winning squad here if all his players returning from injury go as well as expected. Titch will be the catalyst as we all know what he can do while Naismith has put up huge numbers in the past before injury. Devon Smith is also a tackling and marking gun. You add in stars like Cameron and Bont and a second number 1 ruck and this side gets intimidating. They’ll make some waves.

VII) MattyT
B: Yeo, Vlaustin
M: Macrae, Ross, Taranto
F: Stringer, B Matera
R: Naitanui
I: Hickey, Petreski-Seton, O’Meara, Shiels
Eme: Abbott, Conca, Deboer, Gibbs
Just look at that midfield. Even without Taranto, O’Meara walks into the side or Shiels or Yeo out of defence. Then I look again and realise I said Yeo and there’s several more OOFTIT’s spreading like cancer throughout the squad. What did you do Matty? You may want to trade one of the scum out for an actual forward as besides Stringer, I can’t see many goals coming your way. That midfield is still amazing.

VIII) Blockerhall
B: Lukosius, Sheppard
M: Rockliff, Sidebottom, T Kelly
F: Buddy, Fritsch
R: Goldstein
I: M Cox, S Lloyd, Menegola, Carlisle
Eme: Burton, Mills, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Melksham
Oh Blocker, what happened? I would think this is the first draft you’ve missed and this side is not full of players I’d normally associate with the multiple DuFFLe champion. It’s not a bad squad by any means but I do have questions about a number of his midfielders. Will he trade out his OOFTIT’s too? There’s a few questions to be asked and if Buddy misses many, he’ll slide down the ladder.

IX) Alvin Prpl
B: Hurley, Hurn
M: Fyfe, Harmes, Houli
F: Hawkins, M McGovern
R: Lycett
I: Fogarty, And Brayshaw, M Murphy, L Weller
Eme: Hayes, Hughes, N Jones, C McCarthy
Alvin has a very good all round side that will do plenty of damage. Lycett will need to rediscover form and fitness fast as there’s no depth to the ruck department. The second forward position will be a lottery too while the midfield will have a few pushing to join Fyfe. A tidy draft from Alvin and expect some big scores from defense.

X) Purple Kit
B: T Stewart, Lever
M: B Crouch, Higgins, Heppell
F: Hipwood, Himmelberg
R: Darcy
I: Meek, T Lynch, Z Williams, Pickett
Eme: Ellis-Yolmen, Logue, Schultz, Stengle
PK has picked the youth side this year with a squad full of youngsters possessing huge potential. I reckon it could work well when all fit and firing but he’ll have to overcome the injuries to Heppell and Williams early while hoping Darcy is alright. There’s not much to come into the side if those guys don’t play so it could be a rough start to the year.

XI) Straddo
B: Hartlett, Redden
M: Stevens, Hannebery, Lipinski
F: JJ Kenneddy, Membrey
R: Marshall
I: S Martin, Petracca, McGrath, Dahlhaus
Eme: Ladhams, D Cameron, Cumming, Davis
Straddo has a strong side on paper but I just can’t get behind it for some reason. He has two first choice ruckman to choose from but I have my doubts in both while his forwards could be great but have their own questions regarding injury and age. The midfield too contains a lot of worries getting on the park but if they do, he should be fine. I’m probably being a bit harsh here.

XII) Sox
B: Lambert, Stack
M: J Lloyd, Shiel, Cunnington
F: Fantasia, Dale
R: Kreuzer
I: Xerri, Gunston, McCluggage, Sloane
Eme: Astbury, Bonar, Cotchin, Rohan
Sox has ended up with a very good all round squad. It may not be elite in one particular area but I see very few holes and lots of options. Lloyd will be the mainstay but most areas look very competitive. Sox will be pushing for finals this year.

XIII) TheColonel
B: P Davis, Shaw
M: Pendlebury, T Phillips, Duncan
F: J Cameron, Ziebell
R: English
I: McEvoy, Hewett, Rich, Atkins
Eme: M Brown, Lienert, Miller, Serong
The Colonel may lack depth here but that starting side is quite good. He’ll be hoping Ziebell spends time forward this season to assist Cameron but English in the ruck could surprise a few. The old men in the side will need to carry him though and I have full faith in Pendles. Duncan may struggle early off an injury and Shaw could be replaced off the bench but there’s a bit to like here.

XIV) Hypen
B: J Cripps, I Smith
M: M Crouch, Gaff, Steele
F: Finlayson, Jenkins
R: Soldo
I: Westhoff, Wines, Swallow, Johannisen
Eme: Banfield, Dumont, Liberatore, Tarrant
Hypen has copped the raw end of missing the draft. Stuck with OOFTIT’s but those OOFTIT’s are probably his highest scoring players in their position. He was given a rough deal in the ruck too with no depth and big questions over Soldo when Nankervis returns. Jenkins isn’t likely to get many games either which is going to leave him in trouble up forward. It could be a tough year for Hypen.

XV) Moptop
B: Sicily, Hooker
M: Neale, Oliver, Worpel
F: Betts, Schache
R: Phillips
I: Frampton, Larkey, K Simpson, Hoskin-Elliott
Eme: Ah Chee, Constable, Salem, Zurhaar
Starting in defence, the side looks intimidating. I move to the middle and it just gets better, young guns who pick up plenty of touches and rarely leave the centre or get injured, fantastic. The forwardline begins to take a turn with old mate betts on the slide and Schache a chance to be dropped from the dogs. Then I get to the ruck and I realise there’s some trouble. Phillips will be left in Bellchambers shadow as will Frampton in Lycett’s so there may only be so far Moppy can go here.

XVI) Cookie
B: Casboult, Seedsman
M: Whitfield, Prestia, E Langdon
F: H McKay, Ratugolea
R: Lobb
I: Sinclair, Miers, Billings, Rozee
Eme: Tuohy, C Jones, Parish, Rampe
Any side with Whitfield in the middle is going to have some solid scores but I’m not sure the depth will be around to help him. Lobb and Sinclair are likely to play forward (which will be needed since McKay is no certainty to be fit) which means there are a lot of half position players about the squad. Not quite a ruck, not quite a forward, not quite a defender etc. If any of these players receive a good role they could excel but I’m not convinced it’ll happen often and all together.

XVII) Raglan Matt
B: Henderson, Robinson
M: Treloar, Parker, Crisp
F: Darling, Daniher
R: Stanley
I: Mumford, Battle, Mundy, Barrass
Eme: Byrne-Jones, Pittard, Sheed, Tyson
Making his return to the DuFFLe, missing draft night wasn’t the best start. There is a bit to like about the side however with some good options in most areas of the ground. However that forwardline will need some work given Daniher is unlikely to play and there’s little on the bench. I can’t see him making the finals at this point.

XVIII) Ooslumbird
B: Zaharakis, R Gray
M: Laird, Walsh, Zorko
F: TJ Lynch, Papley,
R: McInerny
I: Draper, B King, Lyons, Ablett
Eme: N Anderson, Ash, Milera, Scully
I reckon Oos was too busy drafting for half the DuFFLe to properly look at his own side. His midfield are solid but not as brilliant as others while his forwardline will be the envy of all. But in the ruck and down back I have a lot of questions. I’ll be interested to see how he lines up and where his points come from.
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purple kit, Nelson, pollyanna, captdazza said You Beaut

moptop Squad Analysis 1 week 4 days ago #2

Meh. Betts will be back. Bellchambers won't last. Frampton is at Adelaide, not Port so Lycett can suck eggs.

I'm good.
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pollyanna said You Beaut

cookie Squad Analysis 1 week 4 days ago #3

Jeez, lucky it was only a “pretty quick write up “ Biz ! I’d hate to see a long one
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Mercury said You Beaut

Bizkit Squad Analysis 1 week 4 days ago #4

It looks long but it had far less thought behind it than previous seasons! My rankings and team assessments are probably less accurate than normal so there's more reason for coaches to be outraged at their analysis.
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