TOPIC: 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results

Mercury 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results 5 months 3 hours ago #1


Wow! Now that was a weekend of DuFFLe games. Tight, high scoring games. Commiserations to The Captain and Blockerhall who bow out at the preliminary finals, and plaudits to Bizkit who failed to best Oos by just three points in the Richmond Cup.

So for the Richmond Cup, Oos get to challenge 391 to lift the perennial trophy for 2019. But the big game - the big, big game will be Alvin's Buccaneers v Straddo's Lost Souls. If they had faced off this week, just one point would have separated the teams.

Well done to all of you.

  • Jolly Jokers (137) lost to Buccaneers (147) at Funny Farm
  • Willsie Aeroplane (143.5) lost to Lost Souls (148) at Blockerdrome

  • Knights in Purple Satin (140.5) defeated SoS Superstars (137.5) at Royalladrome
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pollyanna, captdazza, slammen said You Beaut

Straddo 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results 5 months 1 hour ago #2

Remarkable! It seems like only a few weeks ago we were fighting just to stay in the 8!

Bad luck Block, got you on a low week!
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Mercury 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results 5 months 38 minutes ago #3

Everyone had written you off, Straddo. Not me though - I always knew the Souls had it in them to go all the way!
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blockerhall, Straddo said You Beaut

Bizkit 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results 5 months 22 minutes ago #4

Well that was a horrible Sunday. Only the two players left to play and in a commanding position, the curse of the Prelim has struck the Stars again!

Macrae pulled out a herculean performance and with 4 little handballs in the last 2min, left Shiels 22 possessions to get. The problem was, Shiels was performing a lock down role on Swallow for no apparent reason, in spite of his side being near on 100pt winners. So dumb.

Well played Oos, I'll be backing you for the title from here.
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blockerhall 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results 4 months 4 weeks ago #5

Well done Straddo, that just rounds out a crap weekend. I can tell you I cursed Lipinski a few times yesterday. But my forwards being weak and missing was the difference. Good Luck in the Big Dance.

Sadly another great Willsie Aeroplane side bites the dust.
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ooslumbird 2019: Finals Week #3 - Results 4 months 4 weeks ago #6

Was a real close one Biz I thought I was gawn earlier on and didn't even look until I did a curious check and thought Bugger It aint over until its over.Bad luck mate You gave it as real shake.
And bad luck Block, all the best to those good enough to play in the big dance.

The big cheers go of course to the incomparable Merc, just as well I'm interstate otherwise I'd be shouting him a few what a great Duffle you have turned this place into. All the best everyone win lose or draw next week.

Regards oos
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blockerhall, Mercury, Bizkit, captdazza said You Beaut
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