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Bizkit Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #1

As a preface to this squad analysis, I should point out I believe this season is easily the strongest and most even in DuFFLe history. Finding weak links in each side has been difficult and as Oos mentioned, pretty much every squad is more than capable of DuFFLe glory.

Having said that, I’ve thrown together a ‘best squad’ for everyone to help assess each team and rank them from 1st to last. This doesn’t take into account injuries/suspensions and is more of a look at the potential in each team and the depth available. Even benches tend to be on a ruck/for/mid/def basis opposed to what you’d likely select.

Forgive me for the length of this post, it took a while to compose!

Bizkit – SoS Superstars

B: Howe (pie), Aliir (swan)
M: M Crouch (crow), M Murphy (blue), Viney (demon)
F: Hawkins (cat), Daniher (bomb)
R: Sinclair (swan)
I: Longer (saint), Mckay (blue), Shiels (hawk), Kolodjashnij (demon)
Eme: Marshall (saint), Weideman (demon), Florent (swan), Hanley (gc)

Ranking yourself is never going to be without bias and so I’m throwing my squad up as the best in the DuFFLe. A horrible draft position meant I have a lower scoring ruck than most but I’d hope to make up for that in ruck consistency/depth and strong areas elsewhere. If Daniher plays freely, I’m very happy with my forwardline and the young talls I have on the bench will push for starting spots. The new rule set up should benefit each of the blokes I selected there. My midfield is led by potentially the best ball hog outside of Titch (Crouch) but I am disappointed in the depth as I focused a bit too much on talls. I’m hoping for a big year from Florent if there are injuries but the starting 3 are as good as any going around (when fit!). Defense should also see the side belt most teams with some high mark taking players settled back there. I’ve done worse from pick 15.

Blockerhall – Willsie Aeroplane

B: May (demon), Hooker (bomb)
M: Z Merrett (bomb), J Kelly (gws), Cunnington (roo)
F: Jenkins (crow), Hipwood (lion)
R: Grundy (pie)
I: Roughead (pie), Caddy (tiger), Smith (bomb), Cutler (lion)
Eme: Andrews (lion), Henderson (hawk), Hopper (gws), Wallis (dog)

Blocker has continued to do what Blocker does, pick bloody good DuFFLe players. He’ll be right up around the mark with top notch ruck, mid and defensive options. I’m interested to see how Zerrett goes after a horrible start to the season last year for my side and the addition of Shiel. For the rest of the DuFFLe’s sake I hope it’s not well! Kelly goes into the season with injury worries as does Hooker so his depth will be questioned early but he does have good options in both areas to cover. The question will be how his forwards go. Not as strong as other sides but still solid, I can’t see him giving up too many points to the opposition. A top 4 side.

TheColonel – Colonel’s Commandos

B: Witherden (lion), Sheppard (ooftit)
M: Sidebottom (pie), Shuey (ooftit), Heppell (bomb)
F: J Kenneddy (ooftit), T Lynch (crow)
R: Goldstein (roo)
I: Z Clarke (bomb), McLean (dog), N Jones (demon), Shaw (gws)
Eme: Redman (bomb), Tuohy (cat), Acres (saint), T Stewart (cat)

The Colonel has put together probably the strongest side in the competition. I look at every line and think, ‘gees, that’s going to be hard to beat’. Unfortunately, he has succumbed to the dark side and picked up a heap of OOFTIT’s, could he be Slammo’s heir apparent?! Starting in defence, Witherden and Sheppard will pick up plenty of marks with the lion likely to push for a midfield position in his squad too. The middle is led by the runner up in the brownlow and features another OOFTIT. There’s a bit of depth there too with Heppell a very good third mid and Mclean and Jones able to step up when needed. Up forward his OOFTIT will be hard to beat but he lacks depth when absent. Unfortunately for The Colonel, JK will miss the start of the season so he might be giving up a head start to the rest of the competition. Goldstein is one of the few ruckman likely to go it alone for large periods of the game so shouldn’t see a drop in his output giving Colonel’s Commando’s a win over most sides in the competition. At their best, this side could be unstoppable.

CaptDazza – Jolly Jokers

B: J McGovern (ooftit), Moore (pie)
M: Coniglio (gws), O’Meara (hawk), Rockliff (port)
F: Betts (crow), Stringer (bomb)
R: Lycett (port)
I: Simpson (gws), Roughead (hawk), Deledio (gws), Zaharakis (bomb)
Eme: Abbott (cat), M McGovern (blue), Daniel (dog), Worpel (hawk)

This side could be the one to beat. Dazza has managed to pick up a cheap as chips Rocky on his way back to the No 1 mid status and in combination with Coniglio and O’Meara, will beat almost any midfield. He’s tainted his side in an effort to win but he’s picked up marking machine McGovern in an area he lacked ability otherwise. Betts and Stringer up forward will have a large load to cover as there’s not too much depth forward. Lycett is hard to judge too with the impact of Ryder likely to see his numbers drop. His back up ruckman are blokes unlikely to see much game time so it could be an area to exploit by other DuFFLers. His midfield scares me regardless.

FD1016 – Rashers

B: Sicily (hawk), Bontempelli (dog)
M: Dangerfield (cat), D Martin (tiger), Boak (port)
F: Elliott (pie), Ziebell (roo)
R: McEvoy (hawk)
I: Hamling (freo), Fisher (blue), Johannisen (dog), Neal-Bullen (demon)
Eme: Armitage (saint), Dumont (roo), Newman (blue), Weller (tiger)

The new rule changes could benefit FD the most with his large contingent of ball winning clearance players. Danger and Dusty are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries as they’re allowed to take on players 1v1 in the middle and win contest after contest. I expect to see them both play more in the midfield with less time forward this year and their average disposals to rise accordingly (along with Bont). Sicily back is also a star while McEvoy is as consistent as anyone. FD falls down when you look at his forwardline and depth though as Elliott is always a stretch away from a long stint on the sidelines. Without much firepower to cover him, FD could be struggling to kick enough goals. Likewise, an injury to Big Boy sees very little cover on the bench. A quality starting side who will be praying for 22 games from each of their stars.

Cookie – Ingredients

B: Fritsch (demon), Crisp (pie)
M: Shiel (bomb), Phillips (pie), E Curnow (blue)
F: Cameron (gws), C Curnow (blue)
R: Nankervis (tiger)
I: Vardy (ooftit), McStay (lion), Powell-Pepper (port), Prestia (tiger)
Eme: Ratagolea (cat), Greenwood (crow), Cerra (freo), L Weller (gc)

Cookie has made some astute selections with what is actually a very good side of lesser names. His ruckman may be one of the few to still go solo and reap the rewards of plenty of hitout opportunities. He has possibly the best forward in the game given Buddy/JJK’s injuries but it does drop off a bit after that. A big year for Charlie Curnow will go a long way to sealing that high finish as his brother and the rest of his midfield should be solid. Fritsch is a good pick up down back but it’s harder to see who will help him out with the scoring there. Cookie will be about the mark come finals time.

Hypen – Chatanooga Central Purple Pounders

B: Collins (gc), Redden (ooftit)
M: Pendlebury (pie), Gibbs (crow), Sloane (crow)
F: Gunston (hawk), J Cripps (ooftit)
R: Jacobs (crow)
I: Ceglar (hawk), M Cox (pie), McGrath (bomb), Tyson (roo)
Eme: Wright (gc), Higgins (tiger), Edwards (tiger), Setterfield (blue)

Making their long awaited return to the big league are the Chatanooga Central Purple Pounders and they’ve pieced together a contender for the premiership. One of the most consistent ruckman in the competition will lead an all-round strong line up. Pendles won’t slow down from his 30 touches a game with Gibbs likely to do the same. There are plenty of options for the third mid but it may not be as strong as other teams. He does have a couple of OOFTIT’s though (for shame) and Redden may fill that hole. Solid forwards will keep the scoreboard ticking over but aren’t as strong as many other sides along with a shaky backline. He’ll be fighting it out for a finals spot regardless.

Pollyanna – Hooley Dooleys

B: Rance (tiger), B Smith (crow)
M: A Brayshaw (demon), P Cripps (blue), T Kelly (cat)
F: Bruce (saint), Wingard (hawk)
R: Mumford (gws)
I: Schache (dog), Walters (freo), B Hill (freo), McVeigh (swan)
Eme: A Pearce (freo), Papley (swan), Seedsman (crow), Varcoe (pie)

Take a look at that starting squad, that’s a premiership winning team right there and Polly has pulled out a quality draft. While I’m sure Mummy was on plenty of coach’s radar, the question was how many games he’d get through and Polly has placed his faith in the Mummeister. He’ll be missing the first few rounds which will hurt Polly who has little depth there but once he’s back, his midfield looks scary good. Brayshaw and Cripps are probably the two big young improvers for mine alongside Oliver and they’ll each have big years. With Kelly, Hill and Son Son he has good depth in the middle and some very good marking machines down back to balance the side. His forwardline has goal kicking potential but it could become hard to pick who plays well on what week. A full strength Polly will be a powerhouse of the DuFFLe.

MattyT – El Primero

B: Jonas (port), Yeo (ooftit)
M: Ross (saint), E Langdon (freo), Mundy (freo)
F: Hogan (freo), Dixon (port)
R: Bellchambers (bomb)
I: Grigg (tiger), W Rioli (ooftit), Petrevski-Seton (blue), Newnes (saint)
Eme: Doedee (crow), Ronke (swan), Conca (freo), S Gray (port)

This squad is one I find hard to quantify, so many players who could do big things or nothing. Bellchambers is a very solid ruckman assuming he stays injury free and it’ll be interesting to see if he’s forced to share the ruck duties and spend more time forward. Similarly, Hogan is one to watch in the Freo set up as it’s a bit of an unknown how his role will play out and whether RL’s structures will work for him and his goal scoring. Dixon’s injury will see another OOFTIT get a role (how could you?) early alongside Yeo who could play mid or back. While Ross is an excellent stat getter, I have my doubts about the midfield and its depth. A lot of players could run through there and do well but just as easily perform poorly. It will be tough for Matty to win the coaches award with this squad but a DuFFLe premiership is a chance.

Moptop – Thundering Chooks

B: Westhoff (port), Vlaustin (tiger)
M: Selwood (cat), Steven (saint), Blakely (freo)
F: Franklin (swan), L Ryan (ooftit)
R: Witts (gc)
I: Nicholls (gc), J Thomas (pie), Ebert (port), Naughton (dog)
Eme: Robinson (lion), A Brayshaw (freo), Melksham (demon), Miller (gc)

The big worry for Mop early will be injuries. All of Buddy, Selwood, Steven, Blakely and Vlaustin are likely to be sidelined for Rd 1 and longer. However, once they return he’ll have a very strong side. Will he be able to do enough to cover for them is the question? Witts and Nicholls have his ruck covered so he’ll have few selection problems there while he has plenty of backline depth given Ebert and Naughton couldn’t break into the starting line-up. There’s also a few options forward with The Hoff, Thomas and potentially Naughton all able to contribute goals alongside the best in the business, Buddy. The midfield will be good on its day too although I do think Mop lacks a bit of depth there after some sacrifices in the draft. I think it could pay off if his midfield stays fit and firing.

Straddo – Souls

B: M Adams (lion), Hartlett (port)
M: Treloar (pie), Polec (roo), Ablett (cat)
F: Reiwoldt (tiger), Membrey (saint)
R: S Martin (lion)
I: A Smith (lion), Menzel (swan), Hannebery (saint), Dunkley (dog)
Eme: Wood (roo), Dahlhaus (cat), Lewis (demon), McAdam (crow)

I like the look of Straddo’s side but there are plenty of injury concerns about it. Adams and Hartlett are quality defenders but both will miss at least the first couple of rounds leaving the likes of Wood and Lewis to hold the fort. Treloar will continue to rack up far too much of the footy and I think Polec will do the same at the Roos but it’ll be very tough selecting that third mid with Ablett forecast to spend a lot of time forward (he’ll still find the ball 20+ times a game easy) and Hannebery still likely to miss the start of the season and lack a pre-season. Dunkley is a nice pick as cover for most areas of the ground though. Up forward Reiwoldt will be a star for the Souls and if Menzel can break free of injury, his forwardline looks damaging. In Martin and Smith, the ruck isn’t a concern for the Souls and he’ll be a winner there against most sides in the DuFFLe. I like this squad and it could go the whole way.

391 - Collusions

B: Ryan (freo), Keeffe (gws)
M: J Lloyd (swan), Hunter (dog), Fiorini (gc)
F: T Lynch (tiger), Walker (crow)
R: Darcy (freo)
I: Naitanui (ooftit), T McDonald (demon), Webster (saint), Langdon (pie)
Eme: Cameron (swan), Clark (cat), Williams (gws), Wilson (freo)

391 has loaded up with a few big KPF’s that should give him an edge assuming Lynch can fit into the Tigers running system. I think he’ll be fine and with Lloyd benefiting from the new kick in rules, he’ll have a handy boost in the midfield. Hunter and Fiorini are two young mids who are likely to have big years, particularly Fiorini for 391’s sake. I’m less convinced by his ruck who will be dependent on Sandi remaining injured and Nicnat’s possible return midway through the year or later (although I wouldn’t expect big numbers from either). Interestingly he’s loaded up on half back flankers, a brave choice.

Nelson – Lady Hamiltons

B: Mayne (pie), Davis (gws)
M: Neale (lion), Beams (pie), Duncan (cat)
F: B Brown (roo), Lobb (freo)
R: Kreuzer (blue)
I: Phillips (blue), Petracca (demon), Liberatore (dog), Cousins (hawk)
Eme: Naismith (swan), Hall (roo), Scully (hawk), H Bennell (freo)

On his quest for a ruckman, Nelson has searched far and wide with the main hope appearing to be the return of Kreuzer. Lobb might need to hold the fort off a back-up ruck role for periods of the season but if either of his blues get the main role he should be fine. Neale, Beams and Duncan form the nucleus of a very high scoring midfield that should be ably supported by an injury free Libba. Any side with Ben Brown up forward is going to pull out some big scores but Nelson lacks depth behind him with Lobb likely to take up the second forward role when not required in the ruck. As a result, Brown will be Nelson’s most important player and if he misses any footy, Nelson will struggle. If he remains fit, Nelson contends for a premiership.

Slammen – Slammen’s Men

B: Hurn (ooftit), Roberton (saint)
M: Gaff (ooftit), Adams (pie), Wines (port)
F: Darling (ooftit), Greene (gws)
R: Stanley (cat)
I: Ryder (port), Fantasia (bomb), Sheed (ooftit), Haynes (gws)
Eme: Ahern (roo), Rayner (lion), MacMillan (roo), Austin (saint)

Four OOFTITs. This bloke is out of control. As a result of the easy pick up of OOFTIT’s, each line except the ruck looks good. Slammo is going to hope Stanley gets the main ruck role at the cats and isn’t replaced by any of the 4 other blokes in the selection frame for Rd 1 but even if he does play, he’s not a high scorer. The forwardline is solid with an OOFTIT, Greene and an injury free Fantasia. The midfield is good when injury free which could take a while with Adams and Wines likely to miss a fair part of the start of the season. Sheed will come in but this could be a weak point early. Another OOFTIT in defense will likely partner Haynes after Robbo’s heart problems but if he is cleared to continue with footy, Robbo is a great pick up who I was hoping would slide later. As usual, Slammo’s OOFTIT’s keep him in contention.

Ooslumbird – Knights in Purple Satin

B: Zorko (lion), Swallow (gc)
M: Macrae (dog), Laird (crow), Cotchin (tiger)
F: R Gray (port), C Cameron (lion)
R: Sandilands (freo)
I: Fort (cat), Rohan (cat), Walsh (blue), McCartin (saint)
Eme: Lobbe (blue), Patton (gws), Lukosius (gc), Milera (crow)

The wily Ooslumbird has stacked his midfield for the 2019 season, picking up possibly the two highest scoring players now Titch is out. Backing them up are a number of potential guns and club captains in Cotchin, Zorko, Swallow and Walsh. It’s an intimidating line up. Unfortunately, that’s left him wanting in other areas as he’ll be forced to figure out which one’s are going to find a tonne of the footy each week and which ones will rack up marks and tackles. He’s also rolled the dice on a number of forwards who could find the big sticks far more often this year with McCartin and Rohan looking like challenging the starting forwards all season (although I think Lukosius will need plenty of time before he has any impact at AFL level and won’t do much this year). Sandi becomes the other big question mark with Oos likely to be hoping Fort gets a gig at Geelong early. A top notch side regardless.

Alvin Prpl – Buccaneers

B: Menegola (cat), Smith (hawk)
M: Whitfield (gws), J Kenneddy (swan), Ward (gws)
F: Bruest (hawk), Hoskin-Elliott (pie)
R: Gawn (demon)
I: Preuss (demon), Cox (freo), S Hill (freo), Taberner (freo)
Eme: Grundy (swan), Garlett (demon), Harmes (demon), Stephenson (pie)

With the strongest ruckman in the DuFFLe, Alvin has assembled a very handy side. His midfield is full of solid contributors but may lack the star power of some other sides. Injuries have hit the Buccaneers early and he’ll be hoping for some early comebacks for Ward, Hoskin-Elliott, Cox, Hill, Taberner, Garlett, Harmes and Stephensen. His defenders are handy too but I’d question his forwardline. He has plenty of options to try there but none strike me as the sort of power players other teams enjoy. It seems like he went for quantity over quality and it’ll take a fair bit of coaching nous to assemble the correct goal kickers on the correct weekend! At least the ruck won’t require any forethought.

FunBeanMan – Fun Guys United
B: Heeney (swan), K Simpson (blue)
M: Oliver (demon), Fyfe (freo), Parker (swan)
F: Gresham (saint), Mihocek (pie)
R: Hickey (ooftit)
I: Boyd (dog), Billings (saint), Steele (saint), Mills (swan)
Eme: McCluggage (lion), Miles (gc), Savage (saint), Short (tiger)

FunBeanMan has stocked up on midfield talent in his first draft and through Fyfe and Oliver, he is going to pick up some huge scores there. He also fell to the dark side and brought in an OOFTIT to ruck which could hurt him over the course of the season as I don’t see him getting many games once Nicnat returns and he’ll likely be the back-up ruckman in any case . It’s an area he lacks replacements too so I can see some early season trading to shore up the ruck department. His forwardline has some up and coming goal kickers but I wouldn’t be too worried about them while his defense is quite promising. He’ll challenge many sides and on the back of his midfield guns, put in some big scores.

Purple Kit – Knight Riders
B: Hurley (bomb), Trengove (dog)
M: B Crouch (crow), Higgins (roo), Lyons (lion)
F: S Reid (swan), de Goey (pie)
R: English (dog)
I: Marshall (port), J Martin (gc), Taranto (gws), Lambert (tiger)
Eme: Hodge (lion), Rankine (gc), D Thomas (blue), Trengove (port)

It was a self-confessed ‘draft of potential players’ by PK and I like the look of them. Brad Crouch spent his first few seasons on the Stars list and is a favourite of mine so I was bitterly disappointed to see him go so early but he will be a star of the competition averaging well over 30 touches a game injury free. Higgins and Lyons are very good mids too and he should score well there, more so if Taranto hits his straps with more mid time as expected. I remain unconvinced on English which is why I passed on him, he just doesn’t seem to get his hand to the ball often enough and others will be required to help him in the ruck this year, especially Trengove. However, PK’s defense looks very strong and if Reid enjoys an injury free year, he could have some high scoring forwards. That forwardline does look shaky however so it’ll be a bit of a wait and see. The potential to win a premiership is there for PK.
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Mercury, ooslumbird said You Beaut

Alvin Prpl Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #2

Alvin Prpl
Thanks for that Biz, I will point out that you got it wrong though.
The Buccaneers are about to set sail.... as soon as Captain Gawn can get a crew together.

I was very unprepared (and a little bit smashed tipsy this draft), I usually have list of injured players on hand just to check, as you can see I didn't this year.
I knew I had picked a couple that were out but figured they were just making up numbers for now but looking at that I will be lucky to put a team on the park for round 1, it's a good thing I am only playing Matty T first up.
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Bizkit Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #3

The draft went on longer than most expected so a few drunken selections are to be expected!

A lot of the names I listed are expected to be close to a return for Rd 1 though, so you should be fine!
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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slammen Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #4

I appreciate all your hard work there Biz, but I think I'll be going with Ryder as 1st choice ruck and Sheed got 39 and 40 disposals in the jlt, this is his break out season.

I've worked out my A-team won't come together until round 3 , I've also worked out in this comp , It's not how you start the season , It's how you finish it and I plan on going all the way .

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
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Mercury said You Beaut

Alvin Prpl Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #5

Alvin Prpl
I think it was that game that was played before the draft that was the real cause of the drunken selections, well in my case anyway.
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Alvin Prpl Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #6

Alvin Prpl
Who would play a forward as his 1st choice ruck?

Oh yeah.
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Bizkit Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 1 day ago #7

Given Ryder has just had facial surgery a couple days ago, he's no guarantee to be there Rd 1 but even so, I reckon he'll spend about 25-40% of his time in the ruck. We'll see how he goes.

As for Sheed, I don't rate what he did in those pre-season games, we'll see what happens in the regular season when the rest of their midfielders start spending more time in the middle, specifically Gaff and Yeo.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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moptop Biz Pre-Season Rankings 1 week 22 hours ago #8

I liked Oos' version better.
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slammen said You Beaut

funbeanman Re:Biz Pre-Season Rankings 5 days 11 hours ago #9

Biz is underestimating me that's very dangerous I'm quite happy with my squad

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