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TOPIC: Heeney

Gumnut Heeney 11 hours 14 minutes ago #29

We should all remember the Andrew Gaff/Andy Brayshaw case, physical injuries differed somewhat but Sydney rolled out the same defence as the Eagles, that Heeney was attempting to swat away or hit Webster in the hands or chest and accidentally got him in the nose instead. Contact was made high and the initial intent was to hit, so the act was intentional, case closed. Heeney is a fair player and deserves a Brownlow more than Cripps did a few years ago but we can't allow star players to get off just because they're in line for awards or Premiership tilts.
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Bizkit Heeney 10 hours 51 minutes ago #30

The intent was to hit Webster, regardless of where the blow landed. It was clearly intentional for mine and I have no issue with the 1 week ban.

It is however incredibly stupid that this act disqualifies someone from being the best player in the comp for the season. That is the dumb part that should be fixed.
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Gumnut Heeney 10 hours 25 minutes ago #31

Surely the worst comparable injustice that has never been rectified was Derek Kickett missing out on the 1987 Sandover Medal despite polling 13 more votes than his nearest rival Perth's Mark Watson. He was rubbed out for a week for slapping East Fremantle tagger Tim Gepp.
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Mercury said You Beaut

Morgan Heeney 10 hours 24 minutes ago #32

If you compare the Hogan swing from earlier in the year for which he got off, and the Heeney swing, then Heeney is a bit unlucky (or Hogan was a bit lucky).

Both were guys lashing out towards a player's head: Heeney's had more to do with the actual play, but he had the bad luck of giving someone a blood nose whereas Hogan more-or-less missed when he actually tried to hit the Carlton bloke.

The AFL has been pretty clear that they focus on the consequence of the action in handing out suspensions, so I reckon once blood started coming from the nose of bloke Heeney hit Heeney was cooked.

I reckon the Tribunal should now get to categorise offences as to whether they make you ineligible for the Brownlow. I get that the 'fairest' part of 'fairest and best' should stay for an umpires award, but the bit they were trying to discourage was behind the play hits. If the Tribunal is mostly concerned with the consequence rather than intent, and you can get suspended for things bordering on skill / technique errors, then perhaps the Tribunal should weigh in on intent for Brownlow purposes.

If I were the Tribunal in this case, I would have given Heeney one week, but kept Heeney eligible.

I wonder if you had that system in place for Cripps whether he would have been suspended last year? I reckon they might have ended up giving him a week but saying it was careless and therefore he was still eligible for the Brownlow. I think that's better than the Tribunal / Appeals team twisting themselves in knots get a Brownlow favourite off.
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Gumnut Heeney 10 hours 17 minutes ago #33

No way was Cripps' action careless, very intentional and an act of thuggery that has tarnished his image as a fair player. Similar to Maynard's case where he got to play in a Premiership team as a reward for knocking Angus Brayshaw senseless
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freo00 Heeney 8 hours 26 minutes ago #34

When you can kneel on someones throat and it is not looked at , none of this makes sense to me .
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Quasimodo Heeney 8 hours 6 minutes ago #35

For the Brownlow perhaps they have a one week grace. If your offence is a week or less you remain eligible. 2 weeks or more and you are out
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Raglan Matt Heeney 8 hours 2 minutes ago #36

Raglan Matt
Or, just keep it the fairest and best, all players know the consequences. None of this would be an issue if the MRP/Tribunal applied the rules of the game impartially.
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fradonjan, Gumnut, Dockermus, freo00 said You Beaut

rogerrocks Heeney 7 hours 6 minutes ago #37

Judd got off after his swinging arm got Pav in the snoz. More recently Hawkins did some damage to May with a wayward arm thrown back.

But I think that the AFL owe Sydney a favour now.
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Dockermus Heeney 4 hours 50 minutes ago #38

I remain firm in my view that - in all probability - Heeney would be playing footy this weekend, if he played for the likes of Collingwood or Carlton, and he’d still be considered a likely Brownlow winner.
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freo00 said You Beaut

Purple Shades Re:Heeney 4 hours 23 minutes ago #39

Purple Shades
The inconsistent match review panel fits well with the inconsistent tribunal, the inconsistent umpires and the overarching inconsistent AFL.

Inconsistency is the only consistency in the game.
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Quasimodo, Dockermus, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

hypen Heeney 2 hours 5 minutes ago #40

The point is you can't allow a suspended player a Brownlow win if the act was intentional or reckless.

This has been deemed intentional under a stupid recent law, unnecessarily implemented because adequate existing laws were not policed properly.

So Heeney would still be inelligible under this law. As unintended contact is deemed intentional.

That's why he's not playing on the weekend because of something he didn't intend to do was deemed intentional.
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freo00 said You Beaut