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TOPIC: Jackson

hypen Jackson 3 weeks 4 days ago #1

Struggled a little against the bigger bodied ruckman in the taps today. Maybe pause for thought for those labouring about him and Darcy.

This will be my final post entitled "Jackson".

For today.
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blockerhall, peaking1, jezzaargh said You Beaut

kidmaple Jackson 3 weeks 4 days ago #2

Yes, didn't get as many taps as previous weeks, but was still great on the ground and moving the ball out of the contest and down the ground.
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hypen Jackson 3 weeks 4 days ago #3

That's my point around the ground and up forward he's a gun.
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Raglan Matt, teasea, Helenv said You Beaut

Quasimodo Jackson 3 weeks 4 days ago #4

Jackson 24 possessions 1 mark 4 tackles 17 hitouts
O BRIEN 7 disposals 3 marks 2 tackles 33 hitouts

I think the 17 extra possessions give Jackson the edge.

Darcy and he will be a great complement.
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DS, teasea said You Beaut

Mushroom Jackson 3 weeks 4 days ago #5

I dare Longmuir to deploy Jackson roving to Darcy at strategic points just to blow opposition coaches' minds.
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jezzaargh, expat, Raglan Matt, Shane Parker stole my Hearta said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Jackson 3 weeks 3 days ago #6

Raglan Matt
Quasi, if O'Brien is giving the footy to his teammates at the stoppages through his ruckwork, he doesn't have to go and chase the footy himself, he's done his job.
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jezzaargh said You Beaut

remymemphis Jackson 3 weeks 3 days ago #7

JL did that last year against Melbourne when we beat them at the MCG again. and we killed them in the first half until Darcy went down with his injury and LJ took over full ruck duties in the 2nd half. LJ ruck roving to Darcy is a laydown!!!
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Mushroom, DS, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

maynefan Jackson 3 weeks 3 days ago #8

Jackson has to expend a lot of energy leaping against the behemoths like O’Brien. We need Darcy to give him a chop out and prese4ve his body. Beggars belief sad sacks in the media don’t see this!
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blockerhall, zorro, ICONDOCKER, fradonjan, Bizkit, Yardy, SteveShafta said You Beaut

ICONDOCKER Jackson 3 weeks 3 days ago #9

Do you think the media has noticed the statistical anomaly of our first 1/4 starts ? If we were Collingwood we’d be called comeback kings and strong finishers .
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fradonjan, Raglan Matt, Yardy said You Beaut

SaltyDog Jackson 3 weeks 3 days ago #10

His aerial judgment was all out of sorts in this game. He was leaping too early in his ruck taps and also in his marking contests, as well as running under the footy. 1 mark for the game as a ruckman are some NicNat type stats. Bad day out for Luke.

I still think he’s the best footballer in the country.
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Timbo29 said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Jackson 3 weeks 2 days ago #11

Raglan Matt
Now that Nic Nat has retired, Salty Dog?
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Morgan Jackson 2 weeks 1 day ago #12

I reckon Jackson will be relishing Darcy coming back this week. He's been handy the last couple of games, without really impacting the game too much. His marking touch seems to come and go a little, and he seems a bit off at the moment.

Not sure who takes Jackson when he goes forward, but it's probably Aliir, which would be great because it would stop Aliir rebounding, or Ratugolea which would be great because if that was a one-on-one match up I reckon Jackson would kick 10 on him.
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FD1016, jezzaargh said You Beaut

FD1016 Jackson 2 weeks 1 day ago #13

Aliir has been playing well so far this season, think he may take Amiss being the faster of our forwards. The Rat on Tabs, cancels him out, so as long as Tabs keeps out of the way, Treacy and Jacko can have a field day!
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DS Jackson 2 weeks 1 day ago #14

Shirley Tabs is out if Darcy comes in.
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