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TOPIC: Well they are sticking it up us again .

fradonjan Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 6 days ago #1

This from the Worst .
Fremantle eye Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge as Justin Longmuir replacement if side fail again in 2024
There is a push within Fremantle to poach Western Bulldogs premiership coach Luke Beveridge if the Justin Longmuir led side does not improve this season.

A number of sources have told The West Australian the Dockers will not extend Longmuir’s contract if his team does not look like a genuine finals chance early this year, with Beveridge — who led the Victorian side to the 2016 flag and 2021 grand final — at the top of their list to replace him.

It comes as pressure continues to mount on Longmuir — who is out of contract at the end of this season — after a disastrous 2023 campaign, where Fremantle plummeted down the ladder and finished in 14th place, despite some predictions they would finish in the top four.

The side made it to the semifinal the year prior, which marked the only season the Dockers have made finals in the four years under Longmuir.

Fremantle chief executive Simon Garlick has long been linked to Beveridge and the Bulldogs, where he was CEO for four years from 2010 and played 137 games for the club.
Under Garlick, the Dockers have already appointed Bulldogs legend Bob Murphy as their head of football operations in 2021, with the hall-of-famer since shifting to a skills specialist coaching role. They also hired 2016 premiership star Matthew Boyd as an assistant coach in 2020, however Longmuir has been credited for the move.

Garlick was also instrumental in Beveridge being picked as Bulldogs coach, having sat on the selection panel that headhunted him when he was the club’s boss in 2014.

“He’s building a fantastic reputation in the industry,” Garlick said at the time.

“Most importantly, he’s been a key player in driving successful cultures.

“He has the ability to make tough decisions when required, and clearly articulate what he stands for and what’s in the best interests of the club.”

There is widespread hope among fans that Fremantle’s last season was an example of needing to take steps back to move forward, especially given the current list boasts A-grade talent such as Caleb Serong, Andrew Brayshaw, Luke Jackson, Sean Darcy and Nat Fyfe as well as promising youngsters including Jye Amiss, Hayden Young and Neil Erasmus.
Beveridge — who is currently contracted until the end of 2025 — is facing similar criticism over east after his side failed to make the top eight last year, with a late loss to wooden spooners West Coast sealing their ninth place finish.

He has been at the helm for 10 seasons, with the 2021 grand final marking their only other significant run during his tenure, despite boasting one of the strongest lists in the league.

Questions about Beveridge’s future were only amplified this week, when club president Kylie Watson-Wheeler penned a letter to members stating a six-week internal review at the club had found the need to implement “clearer demarcation of reporting lines, roles and responsibilities to ensure individuals are better placed to focus on their specific areas, particularly within the coaching structure.”

Under his contract, the Bulldogs would only have to pay the coach out for six months if he were to be sacked.

Beveridge said at the end of last season he was still the right man to lead the Bulldogs.
“From a leadership perspective and coaching the team and the club, I’m really comfortable with my tenure,” he said in August.

Longmuir also weighed into his contract talks earlier this month, stating he would not spend the season worrying about his own future.

“There’s always senior coaches out of contract I’m one of those this year,” he said.

“I’ve put that in the background of my mind and am focused on making sure I help set the players up for success and the club up for success.

“I’m really focused on the now and am excited about how the players are training, applying themselves and embracing the work.

“I’ve spent four years telling the players to live in the moment. It’s my time to live that and not worry about that because the outcomes look after themselves.”

During the same press conference, Longmuir would not be drawn on whether he had to make finals to keep his job.
Garlick said at the end of last year the club would address the coach’s contract when the time was right.

“(Longmuir) is contracted for 2024. He has done a terrific job to date,” he said in October.

“He will focus on us performing as well as we can in 2024 as will everyone else at the club and that is where our focus is for the time being.

“At the right time we will work through it, but we won’t be providing a running commentary on that.”

Midfielder James Aish was asked about his coach’s future earlier this week and said the playing group felt no extra pressure to perform for him.
“JL is in a good place, he’s coaching well and investing in preparing well for the season,” he said.

“(He) is not acting any different at all. There’s no feeling of that at this stage. It’s like any year, we want to win.

“As a club we’re striving to keep pushing up and improving all the time.”

It comes amid a major reshuffle of Fremantle’s football department, with the club at the end of last season announcing chief operating officer Joe Brierty would take over as head of football from former player Peter Bell, who was moved into a new general manager of football talent, strategy and special projects role.

Former Peel coach Geoff Valentine took over from Murphy as head of football operations and development.

This effort says they dont want Freo to succeed at all,constantly reporting negatives about our club.
Of course if JL starts getting bad results we all know his job is on the line .
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TheColonel Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 5 days ago #2

Looks like a ChatGPT written article and bylined by Hagdorn.
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PurpleDockette said You Beaut

hypen Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 5 days ago #3

The article is appalling, I just don't know exactly why.

Either someone of some substance at the club has alluded to this fact or the journalist has ran with it in pre-seaaon on the assumption that our CEO and some coaches know Luke Beveridge.

The fact that a) the club would entertain this and b) multiple senior people would leak it or a journalist just cooked this up - what is more unedifying?
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PurpleDockette, Burton said You Beaut

Morgan Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 5 days ago #4

I mentioned last year that Bell and the Freo admin were caught in a really tricky spot: the team hadn’t done enough last year to justify an extension for JLo (the soft cap rules have had an influence here), which means everyone is under huge pressure for the team to jump out of the blocks this season.

Articles like this are the price you pay for having a coach in the last year of his contract. I reckon Bevo looked cooked last season, so I’m not sure he’s really a viable alternative.

We play three of our first four at home this season, and the away game is against North. Win three and hopefully this all gets dealt with.
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Raglan Matt Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 5 days ago #5

Raglan Matt
Written by hackdorn, Colonel, and it would look more like AU-I.
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Noddy Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 5 days ago #6

Get beaten by the WCE at home in Rd 23 of 2023, it can’t be anything else but good for your CV?
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PurpleDockette said You Beaut

fishnchips Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 5 days ago #7

Whilst I am still getting over the ill-judged sacking of Neesham and Harvey who I believe either would have put a cup in the cabinet Bevo loves his surfing on the Bellarine with very few in the line-up on most days. Why would he relocate to Perth with bugger all surf locally and when available you take a ticket in the line up with a crack every half hour as long as your ticket remains dry! Justin will deliver have no doubt Clarkson experienced the same pressure at the Hawks !!!!!
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PurpleDockette said You Beaut

PurpleDockette Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 4 days ago #8

Typical! I have also heard there is a lot of support. Not from me or anyone else (Freo supporters) I've mentioned it to.
Beveridge finished 9th in 2023. Freo were above the Dogs in 2202 and the Dogs had only scraped into the 8. Big Whoop he won a Premiership a few years ago and none since.
Why would Freo want a coach who's current team didn't make the 8. Maybe WCE could use him, now they have HR.
Sick of transference onto Freo cause WCE aren't a doing well at the moment. Look, a bear!!
We haven't even had a game yet. Wait and see.
Go Freo!
Go JL!
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blockerhall, Gumnut, Raglan Matt, teasea, Freolifer, Eggy, Burton said You Beaut

Mushroom Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 4 days ago #9

May as well have stated they're looking at Rodney Eade or Terry Wallace.

Longmuir on the outs and Bevo, indeed!

Make no mistake, this is just another on the 10 month schedule of fortnightly pre-programmed reach articles already locked in the calendar to see what gets traction so that reporting ideas meetings can be kept brief for a bit.

SImpson is under way more pressure than Longmuir. By the length of the straight plus a lap.
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vicmont Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 1 day ago #10

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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

fradonjan Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 1 day ago #11

They probably thought they were getting off track a bit.
So today they used nearly a whole back page picture of the golden boy ,literaly called him that
The all gold colour pic,with the Skip stating that he really is the golden boy.
Any more words fail me .
But more negative stuff about Freo inside back pages .
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

darthmarto Well they are sticking it up us again . 3 weeks 1 day ago #12

"A number of sources have told the West Australian ..."

Well it would seem zero is technically a number, not that Wikipedia is the greatest of sources .


If which case the article could actually read;

"Zero sources told the West Australian ..."

Pretty much aligns with what I've long suspected.
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Blue1red1, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut