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TOPIC: Darling vs Kerry Stokes

Rusted On Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 1 day ago #1

Rusted On
Wonder if Channel Eagle will report on this?


West Coast Eagles star forward Jack Darling has agreed to attempt to settle his spat with Kerry Stokes’ Seven West Media behind closed doors after headlines about his alleged stance on the COVID-19 vaccine spurred legal action
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Walter the baker Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 1 day ago #2

Walter the baker
Perhaps Jack should have made a simple statement explaining his situation early on in that saga as it might have helped him avoid incorrect speculation?
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Morgan Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 1 day ago #3

I have some sympathy for Darling. I imagine it would be quite upsetting being remembered as the anti-vax guy when he's spent so long crafting a legacy of being a player who drops marks in big games.
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shane Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 1 day ago #4

Credit where it's due. They've done well if they found a way to damage Jack Darling's reputation.

Be funny if the settlement is that he gets Ben Roberts-Smith's medals.
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Purple Shades Re:Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 1 day ago #5

Purple Shades
Jesinta Burton will need to be careful with some things she has written in her article or she may end up being sued for defamation, referring to Darling as “Eagles star”.
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Raglan Matt Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 1 day ago #6

Raglan Matt
Morgan, will he now be that guy who dropped the needle?
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PhilGilbert Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 22 hours ago #7

Apparently the work related injury he refers to was a result of whiplash sustained from continually throwing his head back in marking contests.
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Quasimodo Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 22 hours ago #8

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DS said You Beaut

DS Darling vs Kerry Stokes 8 months 8 hours ago #9

Pretty elaborate way of getting an Eagle sponsor's money into a player's pocket without it being part of the salary cap.
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fradonjan Darling vs Kerry Stokes 7 months 3 weeks ago #10

Well hi everyone,i've been away on a much appreciated break,a lovely trip with the missus,no access to a computer,and had the mobile for emergencies only thankfully nothing like that happened.
Anyway i've been scanning through all the posts for the last few weeks,and one in particular got my goat.
Shane's reference to Ben's medal,i say Ben because i have met the bloke and a great bloke he is too. that's another story.
i may be reading your comments wrong Shane,but are you referring that Ben's medals are not even worthy giving to Darling.
Let me enlighten you on the significance of such medals in particular the VC.
You have to be the most courageous and dangerous bloke at the same time ,gutsy to attempt what he did ,and not fearful of your own life ,only to try to protect your mates.
The mateship is grown into you from boot camp and stays with you for life,my mates from the Army are still with me, now a few have passed away ,but the rest we see each other every week of the year,we look after each other and we trust each other very very much ,even after 52 years .
Now i don't know if you know someone who has served or you might have family members who have,i suggest you have a chat to them if you do, about life in a war zone.
The acts that Ben is accused of,pale into nothing from what i experienced whilst nearly getting my head shot off on numerous occasions.in Vietnam.i say that because when you are in the theatre of war .as is going on in Ukraine,I saw evidence of much worse atrocities from both sides while i was there.
I'm not saying he is innocent i dont know all the exact details,his would not be an isolated case, again from both sides.
War is a horrendous thing,do you know that more than 550 Vietnam Veterans have committed suicide since coming home ,and probably will grow larger?that's 200 more than those who died in Vietnam.PTSD is very very real among us.
I hope you retract your words ,i'm sure there would be some servicemen on this forum ,who might think the same as me but for various reasons say nothing.
Also there are many Vets who also have just disappeared,since coming home.
Anyway i'll leave it at that,i'm getting emotional,and it's resurfacing a lot of really bad stuff.you might delete this ,i hope not.
i'm not accusing you of anything ,i'm just trying to put it into a serviceman's prospective.
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hypen Darling vs Kerry Stokes 7 months 3 weeks ago #11

Sounds like you very fine men and women who served wouldnt want their reputations tarnished by a murdering pig then, Fradonjan?
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shane Darling vs Kerry Stokes 7 months 3 weeks ago #12

It has been reported that the Victoria Cross is collateral for Kerry Stokes funding Ben Robert-Smith's defamation suit. If he does not win the suit, Kerry Stokes keeps the Victoria Cross.

I have no idea of the standing of the defamation case, I just thought it was just an amusing scenario to play out that Jack Darling would end up with a VC, hanging above his XBox behind his flatmates bong (as I imagine Jack Darling's home, it's probably actually very nice and bong free).

Having said that, without suggesting that any have occurred, I would have to disagree with your general attitude toward war crimes.
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jezzaargh Darling vs Kerry Stokes 7 months 3 weeks ago #13

and remember, most of the terrible stuff we heard that tarnished BR-S's reputation came out because he took his own legal action against the media all the way to trial.

talk about "own goals"
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fradonjan Darling vs Kerry Stokes 7 months 3 weeks ago #14

Wow Hypen can i get you some rope.Well mate you will need plenty,because with your thinking all servicemen are guilty.
My attitude on war crimes comes from experience of having seen evidence of it.In the flesh and with photos.And the nutters who took those horrendous photos were proud of doing what they did .That's sick.
I dont agree with any of it ,It affects people in different ways .
Who knows in the heat of battle what you would do.
There are many untold stories of people doing exactly what Ben has been accused of .
I certainly don't want to go to war again.If he is found guilty then he must wear it .
But to convict him or anyone else already that's wrong.
Yeh Shane just not a good comparison,one bloke is a hero (until proven otherwise)and the other ,well enough has been said about him.
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