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TOPIC: 2022 Season Regret

shane 2022 Season Regret 2 months 58 minutes ago #1

I just remembered something that happened this season that still frustrates me.

During our final against the Bulldogs, I was in a different part of the ground than usual. Still undercover, mind you, but closer to the goals.

I went to the food place to get a pie, but they had no pies..So I got a pizza.

I've seen people with pizzas It looks pretty cool getting your own box and everything. The picture on the board looked good too. "Why not?" I thought.

It was a black and gold frozen pizza. It was barely edible.

How do they sell enough of these that they have stayed on the menu all this time? What is wrong with people. Why do you do this?
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dd, pollyanna said You Beaut

darthmarto 2022 Season Regrets 2 months 39 minutes ago #2

I regret the Grand Final was such a poor, one-sided match.
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purplepower 2022 Season Regret 2 months 35 minutes ago #3

How do you know it was Black and Gold pizza, and how much was it…
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number 2 2022 Season Regret 2 months 34 minutes ago #4

number 2
Frozen pizza
I've had a few
but then again
too few to mention
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blockerhall, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

shane 2022 Season Regret 2 months 21 minutes ago #5

Mum used to buy them. You don't forget.

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Gumby said You Beaut

pollyanna 2022 Season Regret 2 months 4 minutes ago #6

You get to keep the box.
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Snail 2022 Season Regret 2 months ago #7

Harden up Shane …. Go try that chicken roll which contains a runny white sauce!
2022 season regret was the lack of a roof at Optus so the clacking of seats at quarter time by the Wet Toast supporters could be muffled.
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shane 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #8

Wait? The stadium doesn't have a roof? I hadn't noticed.
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Snail, Noddy said You Beaut

hypen 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #9

Pick the ham and pineapple off the pizza and lay it on the fat laden side of the cardboard box. Now eat that.

Any left overs wrap it in that crust.
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shane, pollyanna, Walter the baker, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

purplepower 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #10

400 dollars? You have an expensive taste, try Forno Antico Fremantle it’s only twenty box…
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purple mao 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #11

purple mao
My lowlight of season 2022 was that the AFL refused to crack down on short socks.

A decade or so back some players weren’t wearing the full length footy sock, and the AFL stepped in to swiftly end this horrible scourge on our game.

Now it’s like they’ve given up, and are allowing players to wear short ankle high socks instead of the real thing.
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Blue1red1 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #12

Come on, the socks are like that because no one had the foresight to educate the players about the follies of washing your kit in hot water after a match. Barlow leaving - years of Hot water washing experience left with him!
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Dr Sleep said You Beaut

Mushroom 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #13

Shane has hacked my whinge account to take the heat off...

Would you like to see the "bucket" of chips they served my daughter pre that final? More like a tablespoon than a bucket. There were about a dozen chips in there. Maybe 15. I mean, you could see the bottom of the cup. In many places.

At $6.50 that's about 50 cents per chip. Almost as bad as the watered-down beer at $137 per mL.

I looked at the young fella, I didn't have to say anything and he empathised with me and said "Yeah...Sorry...None of them are very good are they" as he pointed to the slidey shelf.

I think they tried to make up the shortfall of chips by substituting salt. Non-chicken. They were very salty.

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shane, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

itscraptacular 2022 Season Regret 1 month 4 weeks ago #14

The Loaded Frites used to be OK, but I went off them watching a young, pimpled, long haired trainee without gloves or a hair net wiping his nose and putting them out in the warmer .....

When I asked for the manager of that station, I was told they were too busy to hear complaints about food service. So I took some video and was promptly asked by security what I was doing.

We decided to just bring food from then on and suffer the Police (!?) asking me at the entry gates what was in the tupperware.

It's also a BIG SAVING $$$$$
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