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cletus NOD 5 days 21 hours ago #1

How good is it to have him back in the team?, and,how good is it to see a young bloke play on instinct, use his god given talent, & backhimself ?

Just opens everything up,...and adds several dimensions to a team, when, they are not stuck & inhibited to a 'set play book'. Daicos is doing the same thing at the magpies...

Please keep the coaches , experts , & sports scientists well away from him...
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bozza NOD 5 days 21 hours ago #2

Takes some talent and confidence to kick a goal like that. One of the goals of the year.
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Noddy, itscraptacular, Corporal Agarn, Sunny said You Beaut

expat NOD 5 days 8 hours ago #3

He's almost Mundy-like...
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R.Lyon NOD 5 days 7 hours ago #4

He’s one of us. Loves the club.
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hypen NOD 5 days 7 hours ago #5

This team has the capability of the Richmond, Brisbane and Hawthorn triple premiership teams.

Western Bulldogs were overwhelmed yesterday. By a pack of kids.

And Mundy.
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Bizkit, cletus, Corporal Agarn, Sunny said You Beaut

NPK NOD 5 days ago #6

reminds me of a young clayton oliver
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Bizkit NOD 4 days 8 hours ago #7

One of the big things I love about Noddy is his unrewarded run. He will spend all day running on the outside trying to create an option and open up space and it's been sorely missing since his injury. Too often after he left the side have we been too stagnant down the field and unable to switch the ball to the outer side but against the Dogs, his run opened up the ground and allowed us to transition far easier.

He does a lot else right but that was a big thing that stood out for me on the weekend. He helped our structure return to where it was earlier in the season when we were over running everyone.
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CaptSnooze, bozza, expat, Raglan Matt, Montrachet said You Beaut

bozza NOD 4 days 7 hours ago #8

That’s it Biz. His attitude is fantastic. Ed Langdon is a fantastic wingman the way he works so hard both ways but for me Driz is more valuable as he is an elite user of the ball and kicks goals on the run. He also puts his body on the line and is strong over the ball. Just wait till he builds his tank even more in the next couple of years. He could well be in our top couple of players.
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Morgan NOD 4 days 7 hours ago #9

Not to go all Brett Kirk, but I love his energy. Part of that is the running, but he just seems like he's always up to something. He's a footballing optimist; too often coaches and players are perfectionists worrying about what can go wrong, and he just looks like he's out there having a crack. It's the best.

He was a flat-out disaster whenever he was near the ball in defence, and Acres was a flat-out disaster anytime he had the ball forward, so it seems to me that if you are playing those guys on the wings then their assignments should be for Acres to push back hard to help the defence, and NOD to get into space running forward.
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cookie said You Beaut

Raglan Matt NOD 4 days 7 hours ago #10

Raglan Matt
The thing about O'Driscoll, is that oppositions have to pay attention to him. They often leave Acres alone, gambling that Acres will give the footy back. And that gamble pays better odds than the casino or the gallops.
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itscraptacular said You Beaut

Gumnut NOD 4 days 5 hours ago #11

We have missed NOD badly.
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Mushroom NOD 4 days 5 hours ago #12

I'm not sure what you mean by flat-out disaster, but anyone inside or outside football circles who thinks that lockdown should be anywhere near the vicinity of his job description is either stupid or boring or Mick Malthouse or all three.

Even when he tackles, and he tackles hard, you can see he's looking for a way to bust the ball out of there and get it moving.

And there's barely a possession where there aren't a minimum of 6 steps running before he lays the boot in or dishes a penetrating handpass, which was sorely the missing factor since the byes that built up to some stagnation against three top-end teams last month. Dare I say it, again, it creates more goals.

All power to the lad and may his exuberance virus be contagious.
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Morgan NOD 4 days 4 hours ago #13

Mushroom, I didn’t see all of the game, but from what I saw NOD was involved in a few clangers in defence. There was a holding the ball – that happens. The kick out on the full that gifted Naughton a goal was real coach-killing stuff. He just hand to bend over and rush it through and instead he threw his boot at it for some inexplicable reason. Just awful.

Then there was the one where he gathered deep in defence, handballed to Pearce, then inexplicably looked away while Pearce proceeded to handball it past him and out of bounds.

We’ve got clever ball users in the back half so we don’t really need him to be there. Just leave that stuff to Ryan, Young and Chappy. Walker already provides enough chaos down there (too much for my taste and I’d prefer Wilson for now, but that’s just me).

I’m not sure he’s quite in the same class (at least not yet), but he shapes to be this Freo team’s version of Des Hedland. His job should be to cheat forward when we look like winning the ball, get on the end of it, assess whether he can take a ping and on occasion, reluctantly, hit someone lace-out instead.

I would basically ban him from entering the defensive 50.
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bozza NOD 4 days 4 hours ago #14

He’s only played 8 games. You can expect a couple of errors. He shows his character by the way he bounces back after one.
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fradonjan, moptop, expat, Rusted On, R.Lyon said You Beaut
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