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TOPIC: Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle

FD1016 Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 21 hours ago #15

I’m bloody furious. What has Our Bailey got to do to get in that side?
Grow a pair and get him in there forgoodnessake. Arghhhh.
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OldOwl, okeedokee said You Beaut

ManInPurple Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 19 hours ago #16

Clearly Banfield has spent too much time kicking goals and not enough time tagging an opposition defender out of the game
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peaking1, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Walter the baker Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 11 hours ago #17

Walter the baker
.... which he has already shown that he is capable of doing.
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CaptSnooze, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 9 hours ago #18

Docker by the Sea
Haven’t the tables turned, Banfield has gone from the problem to solution.
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Raglan Matt, teasea said You Beaut

Morgan Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 9 hours ago #19

DbtS, for years I thought Banfield was lucky to be in the side, but this season he’s had a lot more impact with his scoring and marking. I don’t think he’s a solution to anything, just a more effective 22nd man than others getting a game.

I’m always a bit shirty about Sturt not getting a look. Peel has a bye this week so you’d say his chances to play this season are pretty much gone. We’re crying out for more scoring and for Sturt to not see any senior playing time this season is a lost opportunity.

I feel the same about Crowden for wet weather games.
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okeedokee said You Beaut

Noddy Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 8 hours ago #20

Bailey Banfield is the classic example of a player who has potential but needs games to come up to the AFL standard. I’m sure we’ve lost plenty of others along the way of the same potential.

Sturt is the guy we need but hasn’t had any opportunity to play, as someone else said, he’ll be our James Clement.

We’re getting a lot of things right but stuffing up a lot along the way.

The next three games we’ll see how good our coaches are.
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expat Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 8 hours ago #21

... and selectors.

EDIT: SEN have tipped Fremantle by 9 points.
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Bizkit Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 7 hours ago #22

I think Banfield has earnt a spot as that 22nd man at the moment but let's not go too far talking him up. He's 24, not a kid on the rise and is about the player he will always be. he's had so many chances over many years to establish himself. If we're competing now, he's an ok forward who has had a couple of good games this season with many where he hasn't impacted. His versatility to play different roles has allowed him to do well as the sub.

I'm happy for him to be in the 22 and he should be this week but he is also a fringe player who has not locked a position down in the side. If we weren't challenging for a premiership late in the season then I'd absolutely be calling for games in the young blokes who need the experience and to learn what's required at AFL level like Erasmus, O'Driscoll, Sturt, Johnson and Western.

On a separate but related point, I've been incredibly surprised at how safe a position Colyer has had in the side all season given his very limited output. That Colyer was offered a 1yr extension on the back of his performances this season but we can't get another year out of Mundy has me baffled.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Montrachet Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 7 hours ago #23

Banfield is needed for the bailey battles. He eclipsed Zac Bailey against Bris and if he hadn't we would have lost. Bayley F killed us last week with our Bailey on the Bench. Bailey S needs to be countered this week.
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expat said You Beaut

itscraptacular Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 1 hour ago #24

2-4 years of AFL have shown you need AT LEAST one Bailey and one Lachie for team balance.

Danger game.
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expat Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 1 hour ago #25

The good news is that atleast we have a "Hayden" and I'm sure with that said, Ballantyne would be pleased...
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itscraptacular said You Beaut

TheColonel Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 44 minutes ago #26

Bailey Banfield - Old Bull Young Buck
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themagoos Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 1 week 13 minutes ago #27

I've enjoyed Banfield's good games this season, and he's at that awkward height that probably makes him hard to match up on, but he also has a tendency to get caught with the ball in pressure moments. This weekend's game is likely to be a high-pressure game, so I can see why he's the medi-sub. In saying that, his tendency to get caught with the ball is probably a factor of not getting regular game-time, and is something that should improve with more minutes.
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Noddy Teams: Bulldogs v Fremantle 6 days 4 hours ago #28

Hardly anyone has picked us to win, now we’ve a chance of winning.

Carn Freo!
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