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TOPIC: Slow decline

Awake Slow decline 5 days 2 hours ago #1

Not just me...
"The average attendance in the first 12 rounds in 2022 was 31,062 spectators per game - well down on the average crowd per game of 36,317 in 2019.
Thursday night’s game between Richmond and Carlton attracted 50,741, the lowest crowd for a match between the two teams in a non-COVID year for 10 seasons"

From Crowds down
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Bizkit Slow decline 5 days 1 hour ago #2

Covid is still affecting a lot of people whether infected, a close contact or dealing with the after effects. There's a whole lot of people who would avoid heading out into a large crowd or masses in close proximity on public transport to see a game of footy and risk catching Covid.

I would definitely include this season as Covid impacted in terms of attendances.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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cookie said You Beaut

Walter the baker Slow decline 5 days 1 hour ago #3

Walter the baker
What’s it costing a bloke in WA to take a couple of kids to a game vs watching it on Kayo?
It’s certainly a big factor when you have to pay $200 just for the cheapest tickets to a game at the MCG and you end up being so far away from the action that you can barely make out the difference between the individuals playing the game. The “experience” doesn’t justify the cost.
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expat Slow decline 5 days 57 minutes ago #4

That's why I always come home and rewatch the wins on Kayo... but unfortunately pass out during my second bottle of plonk.
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CaptSnooze, kidmaple said You Beaut

itscraptacular Slow decline 5 days 54 minutes ago #5

Given the TV product is now finally always in high definition, the at-home experience is much improved*, which along with the cost mentioned WtB must be a huge factor.

Ultimately however, the AFL don't really want crowds, certainly not at anything other than luxury-item pricing.

And for a LOT of matches, the product is just not very good. 6-6-6 has improved things a little bit, but some of these lepper teams just play a rugby rolling-maul, and it sucks.

* even if they can't track the ball because of the work-experience camera producers.
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Freo66 Slow decline 5 days 26 minutes ago #6

Ah the leper teams, they just fall apart this time of the year.
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cookie, guy smiley, CaptSnooze, itscraptacular, Rhufus said You Beaut

pollyanna Slow decline 5 days 5 minutes ago #7

The people down the row from me just buy 3 game memberships three times a season. They go to nine home games every season and their total cost is HALF what my full year seat rental is (at 11 games). Clever marketting or artificial stimulation of the membership figures?

If I was an economist the numbers don't justify going to a game:
ME: 11 games @$60/game + 3 or 4 free-to-air games a week per season.
198 games @ $1.58/game + preseason and finals per season.

Don't be fooled by conflicting attendance/membership figures - through the gate are by far the best reflection of how the AwFL product is travelling.
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hypen Slow decline 4 days 23 hours ago #8

Covid has changed things. Everyone was forced to stay at home and watch football and most couldn't wait to get back to watch it live. But one in ten didn't.

They are lost, temporarily anyway.

Let's get a man of the people like I dunno, Josh Frydentrickledown to get everyday punters back to the football.
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guy smiley, Burton said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Slow decline 4 days 23 hours ago #9

Raglan Matt
Hasn't he got a real j.... Oh, that's right. Yeah grab him.
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guy smiley Slow decline 4 days 23 hours ago #10

guy smiley
Any main access road heading down into an underground mine s called a Decline. they usually follow a spiral path, sometimes twisting back and spiralling in the opposite direction, perhaps to counter the increasing dizziness caused by trying to drive too fast on your way down to your date with destiny. a little known fact is that a V8 Landcruiser ute, fully loaded with heavy drill steels and other bits and pieces, will three wheel easily under full power on the way back up, but you have to know all the pot holes and be very ready for anyone who may or may not hold a senior position coming the other way.


Another interesting fact... (yes to both claims) is that Beth Orton played at a large one day gig years back at Claremont Showgrounds that saw Bob Dylan play a blinder before Ray Charles took the stage, something of a highlight in the Life of Smiley... she hit the stage, played one song and jokingly apologised for any rustiness as she and her entourage had only just arrived in Perth and were a bit jet lagged... she explained they hadn't had a chance to find any special cigarettes and could anyone help her out...? A veritable shower of small hand prepared objects immediately hit the stage and it may be somewhere around then that the Decline of Smiley commenced. Or not.

Great gig, by the way. A decline isn't always a bad thing.
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hypen, rogerrocks, DougGreen, pollyanna, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

moptop Slow decline 4 days 23 hours ago #11

Decline of Smiley is my favourite Blues-Funk fusion band.
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guy smiley, DougGreen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Mushroom Slow decline 4 days 23 hours ago #12

Gillon says it's because people just want paper tickets.

Perhaps it is more because people can't relate no more. You know, to things like people with names like Gillon continually pushing up the bar of what is costs to see a footy game. Which then pushes the price of two beers a pie and a bucket of chips higher than a three course meal at Guy Savoy.

Add to it all that those teams that attract the most mindless bums on seats, like West Coast, Essendon and Adelaide, are near unwatchable. Not even Kayo has the mayo for that.
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guy smiley, hypen, DougGreen, itscraptacular said You Beaut

itscraptacular Slow decline 4 days 22 hours ago #13

"Not even Kayo has the mayo..." Hahaha.

Are you in oppo research by any chance Mushroom?
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guy smiley said You Beaut

teasea Slow decline 4 days 14 hours ago #14

Nah still rather be there, nothing beats the atmosphere, of late anyway. I go home and watch replay and can’t handle the commentary from those blokes watching it and commentating from a bloody screen in Melbourne! Can’t believe they are still doing that. Oh $’sss.

PS! Have just had Covid, luckily during Bye - well timed. For us over 70’s it was awful, if I hear another person say it’s just a cold I’ll scream! It wasn’t.
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Mushroom, guy smiley, pollyanna, Raglan Matt, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut
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