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TOPIC: Peel match report

Walter the baker Peel match report 6 days 18 hours ago #1

Walter the baker
Anyone watch the Peel game? Aside from the Treacy injury any updates?
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Bizkit Peel match report 6 days 17 hours ago #2

Erasmus was really impressive and Henry kicked goal of the year. He's learning that wing role and looks to be someone putting on a lot of pressure in the back half of the season for a starting spot.

Also, Western was amazing on return from long term injury.
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Walter the baker, slammen, maynefan, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

fradonjan Peel match report 6 days 13 hours ago #3

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Rhufus Peel match report 6 days 13 hours ago #4

I wonder if Western could come in as a direct swap for Switta after his last two excellent performances. He has a lot of Swittas attributes and is one of the few players in the whole league that can match him for pace. I suppose his long term layoff counts against but he would be a small forward rotating with the rest of the mosquito fleet, not a midfielder so I think his tank would be good enough.

Freddy would then have to come in for Banners.
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slammen Peel match report 6 days 4 hours ago #5

You can't leave Banfield out , he's just finding good form . Frederick is the replacement for Switta.
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Walter the baker, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

bozza Peel match report 6 days 3 hours ago #6

Henry looked much better and has actually bulked up a bit I think. He needs to stop running around in circles like Brett Peake and just use his pace and break lines. Meek had a great game and Hughes was good also. There is also a fella by the name of Guy Barnes that played another ripper game. Has kicked 10 goals in 3 league matches. One to look out for.
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slammen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

zorro Peel match report 6 days 2 hours ago #7

I’m still in the dark about where things are at with Hughes and Chapman. If Freo were checking out Hughes as a replacement for Acres on the wing (sounds like he went pretty well), does that mean Chappy’s about to come back?
If he isn’t, then why play Hughes at all?
Am I missing something?
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bozza Peel match report 6 days 1 hour ago #8

There is no spot for Hughes when Chapman is back and / or Logue plays back. Hughes looked exposed playing deeper in defence against the Hawks so they are possibly looking to use him up the ground a bit as cover.
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kidmaple Peel match report 6 days 1 hour ago #9

There's no mention of Tabernar kicking any goals and goals not included in stats table. How did he go?
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bozza Peel match report 6 days 1 hour ago #10

Kicked 3. Took a few good grabs and passed a couple off. Also shanked a couple.
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kidmaple Peel match report 6 days 35 minutes ago #11

Thanks, bozza. Sounds like a good outing
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Corporal Agarn Peel match report 6 days 16 minutes ago #12

Corporal Agarn
Cox spoke extremely highly of Hughes when interviewed after last week's game. He definitely sees a place for him.
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Raglan Matt Peel match report 5 days 15 hours ago #13

Raglan Matt
I have watched 2 & 1/2 quarters of the replay, and to me, Henry looks more like a like for like replacement for Switta than Western. In the first half, he got hands to the ball and disrupted East Perth attempts to clear the footy to outside runners, used balance to get opponents off the footy, and took a couple of scoring opportunities when they presented. His work rate has improved a lot from the start of the year, and he has more of a physical presence.

As for that fella Jackson from Melbourne, is he worth paying overs for when we have Meek to back up Darcy?
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DS Peel match report 5 days 14 hours ago #14

He’s better than Meek. I think if we offer Meek plus change for Jackson we would be miles ahead, at whatever salary we can afford to give him.
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