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TOPIC: Observations from a virgin.

TheColonel Observations from a virgin. 2 months 20 hours ago #1

My very first visit to Optus today. (Never been before - thank you 5th grandchild)
i. Bloody long walk after the game to the station
ii. Players looked flat in the first half
iii. Red ball is impossible to see.
iv. Seeing it live was a treat.
v. Facilities very close and convenient.
vi. Still not enough leg room to walk past
vii. No comment on food/drink as I took my own.
viii. Had all my retro gear on and looked out of place.
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blockerhall, pollyanna, maynefan, Eggy said You Beaut

Corporal Agarn Observations from a virgin. 2 months 19 hours ago #2

Corporal Agarn
Sounds like you've been touched for the very first time Colonel.
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CaptSnooze, pollyanna, Quasimodo, Down on down said You Beaut

fourthump Observations from a virgin. 2 months 8 hours ago #3

Nice one, Colonel, glad it was a win. We’re lucky to catch the bus from Basso station and the walk bus to seat is ‘just right.’ I noticed last week - from bus ride to the stadium, at the game and the trip home - that every single piece of red/green/purple/white gear ever produced was being worn by someone. From five year olds wearing the latest to rusted on anchors like us wearing the polyester from 1995. I love it. I see plenty of ol’ gear every home game.
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Ricco Observations from a virgin. 2 months 8 hours ago #4

How did you rate Cox’s performance?
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fradonjan Observations from a virgin. 2 months 7 hours ago #5

Yes Colonel,live is fantastic.
1.We park in john Hughes car park,a 100 mtr walk to bus stop,it stops outside the Camfield,and another 100 mtr walk to the gate,then up the lift ,then about another 100 mtrs to our seats .
2.. I would be flat too after the Ol Baldy ump was incredulous with some decisions.
3. Yep ball was very difficult to see,dont know if yellow would have been much better.
4.As much as i like sitting in front of the tv watching footy,i hate watching us on tv ,many times the tv would have copped a bashing,live is fantastic.
5.Yes facilities are better than the 'G' for me,the space to walk around is great,easy to get anywhere.
6.I think the seating is bigger than Subi more comfortable.
7. Easy to beat what was offered at Subi,we rarely eat anything at the ground but to me the Rueben sanga is one of the best i have tasted.
8.I always wear my original scarf to every game.
Hope you get to go to more live games colonel i think it is a great experience.
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Eggy Observations from a virgin. 2 months 7 hours ago #6

No Roman numerals for a list, what has happened to Dockerland?

Where did you get the Ruben sandwich from?

The curry loaded fries were pretty good yesterday.
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blockerhall, Bizkit, Quasimodo, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

pollyanna Observations from a virgin. 2 months 7 hours ago #7

Nothing beats a live Freo game at Optus - you get to see the whole game evolve no matter where you sit. Im stunned that yesterday was your first game there Colonel - what have you been doing?
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fradonjan Observations from a virgin. 2 months 7 hours ago #8

Eggy,we sit in block 122,as i'm sure the food outlets are the same everywhere,we have two food ones either side of the bar,as you face the bar the outlet to your left always has the Ruebens.the one on the right does not have hot chips .so if you dont sit near there just search at either side of a booze outlet.Hope you find one .
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Eggy said You Beaut

expat Observations from a virgin. 2 months 5 hours ago #9

I lashed out yesterday and bought myself a bucket of chips in the Premiership Terrace.
After randomly testing seats all around the ground, I now have found my place in the Premiership Terrace. There's a little extra room between seats so you may not have to stand up to let people pass Colonel
Last week I needed to catch the bus d/t trainline works and probably better off doing the bus than train as yes there's a bit of a hike from the train line, plus after the game you need to be herded back into the train line which probably adds another 1000 steps or so...
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Quasimodo Observations from a virgin. 2 months 4 hours ago #10

I like the healthy foods curries. Had curried lamb and rice yesterday. I’m in block 519 and it’s right at the entrance to the block opposite the big bar.. I live up north so grab the train in. Awesome how the same train Carries you from little Britain all the way to the stadium. I even sit next to Scottish guys at the stadium sometimes wonder if I’m n Perth or Glasgow.

Top fellas. Love going to the game and the people sitting around me. Just wish we had full strength beer, although Atomic is quite drinkable.
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hypen, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

hypen Observations from a virgin. 2 months 4 hours ago #11

Even Atomic isn't up to scratch, plastic hip flask with some Penfolds invalid Port.
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Mushroom, Quasimodo said You Beaut

Mushroom Observations from a virgin. 2 months 3 hours ago #12

By the way, when did the extra-strong 20 cents get added to the price of mid-strength beer?

And boy oh boy do they load the salt up on those chips! And it’s not even chicken salt. It’s as if they’re trying to get you to buy more water with a hint of beer. From that bloke who couldn’t pull it more slowly and disinterestedly if he tried.

Has anybody else noticed how the whatever-you-call-the hand rail bit on the escalators travels faster than the actual bit you are standing on? Once you do, it will bother you forever, but it’s a lark watching the young kids who can only just reach it when they jump on getting pulled up the steps by about the 3/4 mark. Engineers and their practical jokes…Weird!
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guy smiley Observations from a virgin. 2 months 3 hours ago #13

guy smiley
I made it out to Optus a few times before I bailed out of WA...

I actually made it to the last derby at Subi and the first one at Optus, which wasn't really all that pleasantly surprising...

the guy I went with to that first derby has been to games at a few of the world's leading 'new' stadia and his feedback was very positive... we sat high. You could see the whole boundary line, access to everything was excellent, seats were great etc. I sat with Merc closer to the boundary and got the whole smell of it experience close up. Both perspectives were bloody good. I dunno whether they're still using those blinding LED billboards that reduce you to a squint to make out play when it's in line with the latest Must See Ad Experience though... but meh, the rest of it is awesome.

I went to a 1 Day cricket game there too with an English friend and after 4 quick wickets she had me road testing the bar experience thoroughly and even that came up trumps.

The place rocks. It's an excellent stadium experience.

Carpenter would have had it built years before Barnett though.
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Bizkit, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

Morgan Observations from a virgin. 2 months 2 hours ago #14

The stadium is great. The location is still questionable, especially as it relates to pubs and restaurants before and after the game. It would have been much better in East Perth.

I know this should go without saying, but don’t get the fish taco at the stadium.
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DocDocker, DougGreen, Quasimodo, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut