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TOPIC: Can Freo….

shane Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #57

Yeah, no one ever has a go at Rory Lobb.
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Straddo, Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Straddo Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #58

I'm just looking through my blame checklist...has anyone mentioned the appalling skills yet? Yes it was wet, but it seemed like the Pies were managing ok.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

rogerrocks Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #59

It just seemed that the Pies were better at - well, footy...
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Docker by the Sea Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #60

Docker by the Sea
Sometimes you’ve got to be prepared to play ugly and hard. They were we weren’t.
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clinical Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #61

Reality setting in for all of us. This is still Freo, don’t believe the hype. Melbourne & Brisbane next up. Clinging to a spot in the 8 a lot more likely than booking flights for September. It’s a long season and as always we are along for the ride.
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The Prince Re:Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #62

The Prince
if the answer is Crowden we are asking the wrong question. Crowden and Banfield are WAFL-standard players, full stop.
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Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

hypen Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #63

A young team getting ahead of itself. We are having a flat patch. I thought today was more about a lack of effort and smarts on a day that was raining more than it being wet, if that makes any sense.

Just one thing, count how many times the ball goes off the pack and "out the back", it's what a defender must not allow to happen. Hard to do in the wet. Never do we have a small forward at the back of the pack in the wet.

The side of the last two weeks is the same side that has thrilled us this season. Incidentally, I notice no-one talking about trading out the captain lately?
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CaptSnooze said You Beaut

Docker by the Sea Re:Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #64

Docker by the Sea
I still rate us this year and not writing us off against one of Brisbane or Melbourne. If it’s wet we need to adjust (I hope it’s not), and up the intensity. Pick a team to suit the opposition and conditions. Physicality can’t be compromised, if you don’t bring it then play at Peel. I hope Fyfe is ready and bring back Walker.
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hypen, freo00 said You Beaut

purple kit Re:Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #65

purple kit
Only a 60% chance of rain in Melbourne next Saturday!
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shane said You Beaut

Freoheaven Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #66

We’re going to get spanked.
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Bizkit Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #67

I love JLo and his approach to football. He's teaching our kids well and has brought in an effective and exciting style of play that works well with the talent we're getting through the door. It's fantastic to see.

Playing that game style in the wet does not work and has been resoundingly proven through 8 qtrs of rubbish footy. His claims that it was the players mindset that was the issue rather than the game style which should apparently hold up in any conditions is blatantly wrong. I hope someone is telling him this and convincing him we need to adjust the way we play in the wet.

If you look at our midfielders, we dominated the contest. All of our mids had 30+ touches and Darcy was dominant in the ruck. The problem was the way we set up around the ball and tried to move it. It was perfectly clear to everyone. Please JLo, reconsider your thoughts on wet weather footy.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
Simon: I've always had balls you've just never seen them.
Nathan: That's the gayest thing I've ever heard.
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rogerrocks, CaptSnooze, Gumnut, Corporal Agarn, Rhufus, Docker by the Sea said You Beaut

Mushroom Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #68

Don’t fool yourself. There was no game style yesterday.
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kidmaple Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #69

I heard something different from JL's Q&A. I think he was as frustrated as any about the team's inability to adapt to the changing conditions through the game, even saying they went too far on the 'just take ground' approach just as it was drying out, which Collingwood picked up on. On the other hand, he recognised that it will take time to learn with a young team and took on the responsibility for helping them learn.
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Blue1red1 Can Freo…. 1 month 4 days ago #70

Can you really blame the young lads for having an off day. I mean think about it, it was the first time they have been exposed to a group of wet Colon wood players. Imagine the smell, that would be enough to have put them off for a week.
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