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TOPIC: Bed Time

peaking1 Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #57

“ They are good at manipulating people, they are good at organising people and they are good at propaganda.”

For a while there I thought you were talking about Worst Toast!
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Raglan Matt said You Beaut

shane Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #58

Some days I wonder if I wasn't
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Blue1red1 Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #59

I'm highly amused. If anyone was going to drop the ball on this - it was Darling. That is just what he does.
Why are Wet Toast surprised??

Jack delivered the Vax Lace out
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Docker by the Sea Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #60

Docker by the Sea
Late to this but your post was quite brilliant Shane. You were able to articulate the growing unease I have about the true intentions behind those driving the anti everything sentiment becoming so prolific today.
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hypen Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #61

It was a very helpful post by Shane. I must say the anti-Semitic movement being involved in the anti-vax movement has lost me a little. Were you simply drawing comparisons to how they get people in?
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purple kit Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #62

purple kit
@RM, ScoMo knows exactly how cults work, he’s already in a religious one.
@Hypen, the anti-Semitic part of the Anti-vax movement is the anti “big pharmaceutical company” bit, the association being that Jewish people control the money and therefore anything with “big” in front of it.
Think of the scene from the blues brothers with the Illinois Nazi’s “the Jews are using the blacks as muscle” and replace with “big phama is using the govt to mandate taking the vaccine”.
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shane Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #63

It's all very murk but the gist is that they hijack causes and then steer the people in them towards their own ideology.


White supremacist and right-wing groups are capitalising on vaccine hesitancy to distribute conservative ideologies to new audiences via protests and social media. Among these are complex narratives about resisting a “New World Order”, which supposedly threatens a bygone Australian way of life.
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peaking1, jezzaargh, Tricolour said You Beaut

jezzaargh Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #64

links to The Conversation to discuss the right wing fruitloops cashing in on anti-vaxxers ... is this DL?

BRING ON MARCH 20TH, pronto!!!
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rogerrocks Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #65

Bloody hell, there is a conspiracy of conspiracy theorists!

But yes, there are so many weird beliefs that get lumped together. And if you are vulnerable to one weird belief, you'll probably be vulnerable to many. The podcast Tricolour linked to mentioned the Tradwives movement, which is ostensibly just a social group for women who want to be better wives and mothers. But of course it hates feminists, and makes you feel bad if you aren't good at keeping a perfect house. And it is pretty tolerant of racism etc. The podcast said that people joined these weird groups because of unmet emotional needs, but found that being part of the group didn't satisfy those needs. Then rather than get out, people went deeper down the rabbit hole, hoping that somewhere down there they'd find what they needed.

The internet has just made it easier to join cults.
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Tricolour said You Beaut

Blue1red1 Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #66

Bloody hell, I long for the days where we were all more concerned with area 51. Unfortunately after Donald T escaped from A51 look at what has happened.
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freo00 Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #67

Be careful of what you look for , Telemetry and algorithms will feed you with all the weird or wonderful sh!te you need on the net .
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shane Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #68

It's always the algorithms' fault. Ever wonder if that's true or just a deflection away from the reverse vampires
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freo00 Bed Time 3 months 3 weeks ago #69

It's Cookies fault !
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pollyanna said You Beaut