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TOPIC: Cerra to the Blues...

expat Cerra to the Blues... 2 months 2 days ago #1

Looks like Jon Ralph has all the answers as just saw in TheWest AFL Trade: Fremantle’s Adam Cerra to nominate Carlton, not Melbourne, as club of choice

After speaking with Voss the Boss he now wants to go to the Blues...
"it is believed that the 21-year-old has had contact with Carlton’s new senior coach Michael Voss in recent days and is now keen to make his mark in the Blues’ revival."

That will be a good call, now lets get the trade done and receive pick 6 plus ... compensation.
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slammen said You Beaut

DrRPG Cerra to the Blues... 2 months 2 days ago #2

pick 6 plus compensation and......plus more compensation for making us trade up for NGA Liam Henry.
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demo1, slammen, themagoos said You Beaut

purple kit Cerra to the Blues... 2 months 2 days ago #3

purple kit
Considering the blues drafted SPS with 6 and Dow with 3, they should know how much of a lottery the draft is even at the pointy end of it.
Pick 6 and a future 1st for a good pick 5 with 4 years of development would be my starting point if I were Bell. Pick 6, 25 and a future 2nd would be what I’d concede to. My final offer would be 6,25 future 2nd with us giving them back a future 3rd.
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rogerrocks, slammen, Raglan Matt, winteriscoming, R.Lyon said You Beaut

FewsterPewter Re:Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #4

I would like us to look at Paddy Dow somewhere in the Cerra, Jordan Clark mega deal. He looks a good future replacement for David Mundy in the middle. He has been woefully managed at Carltank. He is clean with the ball..187cm and 21 year old.. Pick 3 and out of favour and they are saying he might be on the table. Also a Bendigo Country boy so go home factor to melbourne not as strong like our lad Josh Treacy. Pick 6 and Dow would do me.
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expat Re:Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #5

... and we can give them a future 3rd round in return.
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Gumnut Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #6

There's a very recent story on this trade in The Herald Sun website but can't get through Paywall. Starts by saying that Blues are set to meet Dockers asking price. Anybody know how this article ends?
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shane Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #7

I imagine it is something along the lines of

"It is understood that they will discuss it further as they get closer to the trade period"
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Rhufus said You Beaut

Bizkit Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #8

Dow is a spud. Can't find the footy, panics when he does and his disposal is terrible.

He'd never be in the discussions anyway so you don't have to worry.
Nathan: When did you get balls?
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Blue1red1, demo1, DS, pollyanna, mccyoung, slammen, Raglan Matt, Down on down, Rhufus said You Beaut

expat Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #9

I just broke thru the paywall... bribed my way thru with a bit of cash...

Anyway, looks like there's nothing in it yet.
Here's a snippet;

"Carlton is set to hand over a second draft pick in addition to pick 6 to land Adam Cerra.

The Herald Sun understands Cerra will officially pick Carlton as his club of choice in the next 48 hours despite Melbourne’s strong recent interest.

So Carlton will be able to broker a deal that will require them to again hand over a top-10 pick after giving up pick 8 for Adam Saad last year.

The Dockers will demand another selection as well as pick 6, and will likely secure it after strong early talks between the two parties.

If the Blues were taking Cerra in the draft they would be prepared to use pick 3 or 4 so clearly will have to hand over more than the pick which will secure the eighth-best player in the draft."
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Gumnut said You Beaut

Gumnut Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #10

So currently Carlton's second rounder is Pick 25 which, if all the scuttlebutt is true, should get the deal done with Geelong for Jordan Clark. They apparently want something between our current picks 8 and 27. If this works it would be a good result and still leave us with picks 6, 8 and 27. That would enable us to get the players we want in the draft.
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Corporal Agarn, Down on down said You Beaut

Raglan Matt Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #11

Raglan Matt
Give geelong 27 and keep 25, and we are still paying over the odds.
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slammen said You Beaut

DrRPG Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #12

Just then on trade radio, Matt Rendell just outted SOS for drafting Liam Henry for reasons I suspected (see above).
SOS was narky Freo drafted two of his favourite Vic players, Young and Serong.

I think Freo now has not two, but three, gems from that.
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number 2, demo1, Bizkit, expat, Raglan Matt, Rhufus, themagoos said You Beaut

demo1 Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #13

That was a callous nomination of Henry by SOS...Then followed up by nominating Tom Green from GWS.
They needed Green more than they needed Henry.
Then they did a deal with Gold Coast and swapped that pick..
They got Kemp with a dodgy knee a few picks later but missed out on Kosi Pickett, Cody Weightman, Will Day & Mitch Georgiades..
Way to go SOS - No wonder you dont work there any more..
Its as bad as Liam Stocker and Paddy Dow picks.
Well called out by Matt Rendall
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DrRPG, Corporal Agarn said You Beaut

dddocker Cerra to the Blues... 1 month 4 weeks ago #14

PK pretty well nails it above. Peter Bell would do well to take note.
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