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TOPIC: Freo Faithful

DrRPG Freo Faithful 6 days 3 hours ago #1

Did I read this correctly? On the club website (no clicky from me).
“Benefits only provided in milestone year and cannot be backdated.” So starting from 2022…..
After 25 years I was invited to pose in a photo that I had to download and print myself, and received a complimentary drink. Let me state that time frame again -25 years.

Member Reward-
Digital Honour Board –gold leaf on ozzy timber means something, digital means nothing.
Certificate –just like at school, yay
Milestone Lapel Pin –once again, yay
Merch Vouch Doubled –Half a Christmas Present covered
Milestone Scarf –in WA you need a scarf all day everyday
Docker Annual –print it out yourself (see honour board comments)
Freo Faithful Draw -30 member has the same chance as a 5 year member

Every WAFL team has been honouring their members such as this, some for over one hundred years.
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shane Freo Faithful 6 days 2 hours ago #2

I imagine they had some good stuff lined up but then they needed to find money in the soft cap to give to Murphy...so digital honour board it is.
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hypen Freo Faithful 6 days 2 hours ago #3

In all seriousness twenty five years is a long and substantial commitment to make to a club like Fremantle.

The club should be honouring them in a very meaningful way. I don't suspect there would be that many each year.
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Morgan Freo Faithful 6 days 1 hour ago #4

I’m under no illusions that as one of 50,000 members we should be considered special, but I agree after 25 years they should probably try a little harder.

Personally, I reckon changing recognition from total years of membership to consecutive years of membership is a bit cynical. It seems a bit harsh to reset the clock on someone who drops off for a year. I lived overseas for a few years, back when they were still mailing out your renewal. I missed a year of membership. Seems a bit harsh that I lose 10 years of membership cred because of it. Worse still if someone had to make a hard decision to drop the membership for a year or two during rough times.

They should be recognising their fans, not trying to lock you into a frequent flyer program.
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Mushroom, ICONDOCKER, hypen, Bizkit, Gumby, Raglan Matt, themagoos said You Beaut

Mushroom Freo Faithful 5 days 22 hours ago #5

I'm assuming the semi cryptic "cannot be backdated" statement means the 26-year member cannot go back and claim her 5 to 25 year "rewards".

I mean, who can't get enough lapel pins for the plethora of clothes they wear that actually have lapels?

Equally, wouldn't it be weird for the 25 aggregate years member to get a 5-consecutive-year badge and certificate next year because they got shat off with Ross Lyon version 2016 4x wins for the season or were on sabatical in Tanzania and timing out for 2017?

I dunno, you'd think with all the facilities at cockburn central west (geez it carps me to hear it and say it like that) there'd be sufficient space for the Rick Hart Lets-just-think-this-through-for-a-second Room.
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shane said You Beaut

TheColonel Freo Faithful 5 days 20 hours ago #6

Agree, Joined on day 1 but had a gap of 1 year around the early 2000's.
They gave me a 20Yr certificate - I wanted a 25 year but they refused !!
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Eggy Freo Faithful 5 days 19 hours ago #7

My kids have been members since coming into the world, bit harsh if they are making their own way later in life (apprentice or uni) can’t be a member for a year or two then sign up only to start a year one again.

You’ve still been a member for x years.

You’ve probably been a supporter all the time.

Really thought they undersold the 25 year membership acknowledgment. Most jobs and marriages don’t last that long.
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Raglan Matt Freo Faithful 5 days 18 hours ago #8

Raglan Matt
Mushroom, what's a lapel???
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Mercury said You Beaut

Mushroom Freo Faithful 5 days 17 hours ago #9

Precisely, RM, precisely!
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pollyanna Freo Faithful 5 days 17 hours ago #10

Consecutive years opposed to total years is simply mean spirited - they should be awarding life membership to those that stuck through the Steve years and awarding double to those that came back (if they couldn't stomach it).
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Blue1red1, ICONDOCKER said You Beaut

Noddy Freo Faithful 5 days 17 hours ago #11

You bunch of whingers, who hasn’t got enough scarves or lapel pins.

I’d be happy with a GF win every 25 years.
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shane Freo Faithful 5 days 14 hours ago #12

Maybe we need a bonfire of the vanities. Burn all the scarves and lapel pins and repent. Only then will be worthy of the glory of a premiership
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Blue1red1, Raglan Matt said You Beaut

Davo Freo Faithful 5 days 12 hours ago #13

Total value of everything - $11.50. LOL - what a bloody insult.
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Snail Freo Faithful 5 days 5 hours ago #14

The least they should’ve done for you is cough up a voucher for Cockburn Fish and Chips. Although I’d be a bit wary of the mercury content from a bottom feeder species.
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